What’s Your Favorite Editing Application For Real Estate Video?

October 28th, 2011

Dave from Perth, Western Australia recently sent me a link to his first real estate video, showcasing a block of land on a golf course estate. The agent’s request was to shoot the block and the golf course and get some footage of nearby locations that shows off the area’s laid-back lifestyle. The agent was very impressed and wants to use more video to promote future listings. Dave used a 5D Mark II with a variety of lenses (mostly the 16-35L II) on a Manfrotto 501HDV fluid head. The major thing Dave learned from this first video is that video requires much more time, effort and storage space than does still photography so you better charge accordingly.

Suzanne Feinberg in Phoenix has been coaching Dave on his marketing and business techniques to help him move from a low paying contract real estate photography gig to expanding his own business. Thanks Suzanne for helping out. Dave says your coaching is working!Since Dave is relatively new to video he requested that I do a poll to find out what most real estate photographers are using these days for video editing software.

I have to say that I really like the new version of Final Cut Pro X. But I come to FCP X as a iMovie user and have never used previous versions of FCP so it feels like iMovie on steroids. I love it. Please take our poll to the right and let us know what you are using.

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11 Responses to “What’s Your Favorite Editing Application For Real Estate Video?”

  • I voted for Adobe Premier Elements only because this is the tool I have. I have a very expensive Windows PC so switching to a Mac is not an option. Since I still am learning the Elements version of Premier switching UP to the PRO version is not an option. Is there a better option? Something that is easy to use and runs on Windows?

  • There are four programs for the mac and two sort of programs. First to just trim and add audio, you can use Aperature – not a great solution for editing, but quite effective multi-media slide show. Next would be actual photoshop with Kubota plug ins. This lets you trim and edit on a global basis – with no audio. You would have to then put the edited video into something else for creating a presentation like an aperture program. Stepping up, you can move to iMovie . This gives you some very basic editing, audio, etc and does a decent job to start and learn the key functions that any other video program uses and its got a trial version already installed on your new mac.

    finally you have the three big boys. Final Cut Pro X, although very effective and price efficient for the functionality has the disadvantage of having to convert the native camera codex which takes forever if you don’t have a fast modern mac. Adobe Elements Premiere is an elegant solution and gives you just about 70% of the full fledge version. It has a great price point and is the program I am seriously considering. And finally, the program we should all strive for if we can afford it and if we shoot enough video to justify it is the full packaged Adobe Premiere and/or suite.

    Right now I have been going back and forth with Dave about my own choice. I have until October 31st to upgrade my CS5 Suite to include Adobe Premiere for only $399. After that, I can of course take advantage of the NAPP membership discount of 15% on all Adobe products. My wallet says Elements, my heart says Premeire upgrade. That $200 difference can buy some great equipment and/or add-on services!

    What do you guys use or think about this?

  • Hello, I am shooting with a 5D2 and work on a higher end PC. I use the free MPEG Streamclip to transcode the native .mov files to an H264 MP4 file at full resolution but output at 1.5 MB/s at the highest quality setting. This makes for a very manageable file size. I also trim my video files with MPEG Streamclip which is very easy to establish your start and end point for each clip.
    My secret editing tool is a program that I have used for years in creating all of my slideshows : ProShow Producer. Producer is excellent at dropping in clips, adding transitions, adding music, adjusting exposure on clips, etc. I can also easily add stills with pan and zoom effects to create the final presentation. I then output the “movie” as an MP4 AVC H264 1.5MB/s at the resolution of my choice: 1920 X 1080 or 1280 X 720. If you already own ProShow Producer you can use it as very effective video editing tool. There are more capabilities in this program than what I’ve described but you can use the drop and drag functionality to get some great results without a heavy investment.

    Note: The link below is to my first complete “live action” video. Two clips have sound sync issues I’m working on. I used a Rode Stereo Mic on a light stand. I need a lapel mic for this type of work! I am sharing this video as a PASSWORD protected preview as this is not the final product. I respect that you will maintain the privacy that I am sharing with my friends and colleagues at PFRE. Your comments and feedback are welcome.

    Password: JMAreel2011

    Best Regards,

  • Going back several years, I learned on a PC based D-Vision. Not bad. Moved to something more intuitive after a while and that being Media 100. Oh, how things changed. Final Cut came on the scene and shook everything. I resisted. Took time off. Edit on Movie Maker, Avid, a little Premier and now I’m happily cutting to Final Cut 7. I love it.

  • My favorite is Adobe Premier Pro, mostly because I received it free as a door prize at a ‘Get In Motion Tour” seminar in Dallas. I highly recommend this $49, 4 1/2 hour seminar about film making from the ‘Photo Fusion’ guys (if you caught that class last year.) The class is about all aspects of making films with DSLRs, mostly in the genre of family videos such as ‘Birth Announcements’. Although geared toward people and their stories, a great deal of general techniques is taught. Jeff and Ross’s company, CinesStories, is heavily focused on pioneering film products and services for the still photographer to add value to their business and to cement the relationships they already have with their existing clients. If you go to the show, be sure to fill out the Adobe contact card, which they draw at the end for the grand prize, Premiere Pro. Note: Jeff was a protege of the famous Monte Zucker.

  • As Suzanne said, Adobe Products are 50% off through the end of October. 2 more days! I assume this is only at their website? Don’t know.

  • Suzanne: iMovie on the Mac is actually not a trial version. Apple doesn’t offer trial versions of software on their computers like Windows. It is a fully functioning, pretty amazing video editor actually, and especially so since it’s free and included on every Mac (has been for many, many years!). I personally haven’t used it in about 5 years, but it’s always been quite good and definitely good “enough” for most people doing this type of video.

  • The majority of the videos in my portfolio were put together using iMovie. I love iMovie!

  • I’m trying to decide which software to buy to start producing videos. I’m working on a PC and would like to find a user friendly program that doesn’t cost a ton because at this point I’m not fully committed to adding video to my business. I’m leaning toward Adobe Premiere Elements at this time. Does this program correct for barrel distortion? Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • @Mark, First off since I’m a mac user I may not be the best to advise you on PC video editing… but I’ll give my advice any way;) From what I’ve seen of PS CS6, if you are a photoshop user CS6 does much of what Premiere Elements does. If I were a PC user I’d be looking at CS6 for video editing. You can try it out see the download link for the free beta version on the CS6 post.

  • I hadn’t considered that option Larry. My only fear is that the learning curve will be steep and time consuming. I do have CS5 but don’t use it very often as most of my work is done in Lightroom. I’d like to keep it as simple as possible at this time before I decide to fully commit to video.

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