Some Stunning Images of Rancho del Eliseo by David Eichler

October 24th, 2011

David Eichler of Daly City, CA sent me a link to his blog where he has two of really stunning images of a shoot that he did recently of Rancho del Eliseo.

Nowadays every like someone sends me I hit it with my iPad to check to see if the images are visible because there are so many cases where Realtors unknowingly use slide shows that don’t work on the iPad. We have a puzzle with the slide show at It doesn’t work on my iPad but it does on David’s. If you are viewing this on an iPad click on “Play slideshow” link at the top middle of this page. Can you play the slide show on an iPad.

Part of being a good marketing partner with the listing agent your are shooting for is helping them be aware of problems their tours or listing sites have. I think this one has a problem but I’m not 100% sure. What do you think?


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8 Responses to “Some Stunning Images of Rancho del Eliseo by David Eichler”

  • I can play it on my iPad2, but it’s very small. (Smaller than I would expect – about 1/6 the size of the screen). But it does play.

  • It plays on my iPad (first generation), but the photos are 2.5 X 1.75.

  • I don’t have an ipad, but I definitely love the amount of information on the property and how some of the text and photos are laid out on the website. From that standpoint, I think this a great presentation on a multi-million dollar listing. Whether the slideshow works on the ipad or not, I don’t care for the pop-up feature. I think it should be embedded into the website. Make it compatible for ipads, slideshow embedded on the site, and add a kick-ass video – I think this looks like proper marketing for a $15m listing. I must add the photography is amazing!

  • Just like the others, it is small. It looks like it is formatted for an iPhone?

  • Thanks for the feedback. I have surveyed some other people on my own, and it seems as though Larry is the only one experiencing the problem of not being able to view the slideshow on the iPad. Looks like Apple has not updated the iWeb slideshow for the iPad, since the iPad slideshow viewing size
    seems to be the same as for the iPhone. When I want to view the images on an iPad, I just click on the individual ones for a larger view. You can then keep clicking to get other images at that size without having to go back to the gallery. However, you don’t get automatic advance, as you do with the slideshow.

  • @David & all- I think this is a a good example of why iWeb should not be abandoned. It was not updates in iLife11 and there is massive evidence that Apple is going to abandon it or already has. Here is one commentary on this subject: To find more just Google “iweb future”. I know it was easy to use etc but it just has no future… there are many other alternatives that are much better to supply your client with slideshows, tours and property sites.

  • Larry, iWeb is different from the other easy-to-use alternatives that I have seen. It offers a lot more options for customization, and I think it also offers more of an online-brochure look. I would assume that one can embed other types of slideshows that would be viewable on all devices. Anyway, if iWeb gets discontinued, what are the alternatives for a semi-custom look that don’t require heavy coding knowledge?

  • @David- Yes, I know what you mean. I’ve looked at iWeb but never used it. I’ve never used it because it’s so limited and it was a Mac only product and just never seemed to have a wide appeal.

    The product that impresses me most is Works on all devices. HTML5 based. Elegant looking. But no it’s not going to be as easy as iWeb… I’m not sure anything is. This is what it looks like customized:

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