Some Upper-end Real Estate Photography From The Big Island

October 23rd, 2011

Ethan Tweedie a photographer on the big Island of Hawaii who is moving into real estate photography sent me a link to a tour of a listing he shot of a $28 million listing. This is exactly what every real estate photographer needs, a great upper-end listing for their portfolio.

First off I want to congratulate Ethan for his response to my criticism that his verticals weren’t vertical. Most of the time when I tell people about their verticals they either blow it off, and pay no attention or are offended. Ethan fixed the verticals the same day. I’m amazed, no one have ever done that before! Ethan’s positive can-do attitude will serve him well in this business! I’m not into harassing people for entertainment, my purpose it to help out. It’s great to run into someone that can take constructive feedback!

Secondly, I wanted to point out the tour that Ethan is using. Ethan has a mixture of stills and 360 images and is probably the best way to mix stills and 360s. TourBuzz tours look great on the iPad and smart phones. On the other hand some of the competitors tours used in Hawaii still use Flash and can’t be seen on iPhones and iPads.

Ethan and I discussed the fact that 360s are a lot of work to get really high quality and in the long run their popularity is waning but frequently when you are competing for a specific Realtors business being able to do a great job on 360s is essential. I think Ethan has done a very credible job of presenting this ocean front, golf course property with both stills and panoramas. Nice job Ethan!

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