Artez Photography: Another Real Estate Photography Success Story

October 20th, 2011

I like to feature as many success stories as possible. Here’s another successful real estate photography business that involves the whole family. This is a real estate photography family if there ever was one. It consists of Alberto and Mia Dominguez (Mom and dad), Pam and Mandy (oldest daughters) and Santiago and Gabby (younger teenagers). This family real estate photography business is Artez Photography of Nanaimo, BC  which is doing record levels of business this year (850 shoots in the last 12 months).

This article featuring the Artez team recently appeared in The Business Vancouver Island newspaper.

Here are some comments that Mia and Alberto want to share with PFRE readers:

There is a simple principle that we live by and that we have applied to our business. It works and will always work. “In order to receive it is necessary to give as well”. There are so many humanitarian organizations in our communities that could use professional photography, but they don’t necessarily have the funding. By donating our services, we support our community and in exchange we receive free advertisement and recognition in newspapers & newsletters from various organizations and during public events. It’s a win win situation.

With all of the economic news we hear lately, we imagine that there are a number of real estate photographers discouraged out there. We would like to encourage them to continue working hard for their clients and for their businesses, but also to go and find a good cause to support by donating their talent in their spare time. We can assured them that this will bring a great sense of accomplishment and most likely, new business opportunities will appear in the horizon.

We would also encourage them to stay connected. Information and good timing are essentials in our business. This is why it is SO important to have a blog like yours to keep us all connected, well informed and encouraged. “Unity is a mighty force”.

Thanks Mia, Alberto, Pam, Mandy, Santiago and Gabby and keep up the outstanding work! As I told Mia, I think it is a wonderful gift to be able to give your children participation in a successful family business.

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16 Responses to “Artez Photography: Another Real Estate Photography Success Story”

  • This is way too damn cool.

  • im a freelance photographer and have worked wwith estate agents in the uk. this article has given me an idea about expanding my business. too many estate agents ‘point and click’. I would like to contact this busineess directly for advice, thanks. Emmanuel

  • Nice to hear of success. What a beautiful family.

  • Not to knock them, but I believe they are in the middle of Winter Olympic country, and ski rental heaven.

  • Thank you everyone for your kind comments and encouragement. Emmanuel, we’ll be happy to help you in anyway we can. Dave, although things are better in Canada economy wise, maintaining an architectural photographic business is always challenging, specially when English is not your mother language and you have not had any long-time connections with the place that you live in. If we can do it, anyone can do it!

  • @Dave C- Nope, Nanaimo, BC has nothing to do with skiing at Whistler where the last winter Olympics were. It takes 2 hours on the BC Ferry from Nanaimo to get near Vancouver and then another 2 hours north to get to Whistler. It’s not where I stay when I ski at Whistler!

    I’m no expert on this but my guess that the reason for a good real estate photography market in Nanaimo is that it’s somewhat of a Canadian vacation destination and only being 70 km north of Victoria, the capital of BC, it’s a parlament bedroom community.

  • That’s right Larry. Nanaimo is a small city with a population of only 87,464.

  • I second you, Larry, in the past I had the wonderful opportunity to work with the people of Vancouver Island, and specifically, Nanaimo, BC. While it is a very important part of British Columbia (Victoria being the very picturesque capitol) Vancouver is a very big island and it is somewhat isolated from the mainland. Namaimo’s economy, specifically, is strongly dependent upon the lumber, pulp, tourism and fishing industries. They have benefited from the increase of baby boomer retirees relocating there from many of Canada’s more frigid locals. More power to you, Dominguez Family, and I salute your benefactor philosophy!!

  • Great job Mia & Alberto! You & your family are an inspiration to all of us.

    What I don’t understand is why people like Dave c have to be negative about a success story. Every time you post one of these “success stories” someone has something negative to say. I think that they are probably jealous of other’s success and could probably be just as successful if they would get off their butts and work harder on their craft/business.

    I personally would like that when Larry posts one of these success stories, if you don’t have anything good to say, then just keep your mouth shut. We all learn from these stories. Keep up the great work that you do for us Larry.

  • Hi Larry,

    I recently read your post and I thought it was great how you are showing my parents work. I thought it was so good and I wanted to send you a thank you note. My parents have worked very hard to get here and I am very pleased to see that people comprehend this. I am 15 years old and I help my parents with floor plan drafting. I am starting to understand that it takes time, persistence and hard work to accomplish anything, but it’s worth it because it teaches me good values. I am very grateful for the support that everyone is giving us. If you got to know me you would know how much I appreciate my family, and how much respect I give to them. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I know it must come as a surprise for one of the younger members of the family to get involved in articles, but I have always volunteered to help and I always feel involved in the company. Anyways thank you and bye

    Santiago Dominguez

  • Great to hear such a good success story. May the future bring you more success. Sounds like you have a great business model.

  • With all the ills in the world, it warms the heart to hear such an amazing and inspiring story, of dedication and excellence paying well deserved rewards. Congratulations!

  • Mia, Alberto, and Family…WOW!! Congratulations! The rewards are great for those who give and give and give. You are proof of that. So very proud of all your accomplishments and the results of so much hardwork and perseverance. Awesome to watch the blessings that keep raining down upon you and your family. Can’t wait to see where you all are in 10 years…keep DREAMING BIG!!

  • Most Awesome! Glad to see one of the three laws of attraction, GIVE, in action. I see it all the time. Those that give receive in return.

  • I’ve had occasion to meet Mia and Alberto a couple of times; and I think there are several reasons why they’re successful. First, they’re extremely dedicated: they take this stuff SERIOUSLY. No such thing as “good enough”. Secondly, they have a very strong work ethic. But third, and I think most importantly, they’re absolutely GENUINE people. They’re not faking anything. They genuinely love photography, genuinely interested in their clients, and genuinely interested in their own integrity as good people to do business with. Clients pick up on that stuff, and it matters to them!

    Well done, to the whole family. You deserve to do well!

  • Thank you everyone for such generous response. A very humbling experience indeed!
    Your kind comments and positive feedback bring a lot of joy to our entire family. Let’s all continue moving forward, achieving our dreams one photo shoot at a time. From an outstanding entrepreneur:
    “Find your true passion, do what you love to do and make a difference” Steve Jobs RIP

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