Lighting Interiors Celebrates One Year Since Launch

October 18th, 2011

On October 14, 2011 Scott Hargis and I celebrated the anniversary of Scott’s Lighting Interiors eBook; as much as we could with Scott in California and me in Oregon.

By any standard, Lighting Interiors is a huge success. It continues to sell well all over the world. Scott has managed to distill his small flash lighting technique for interiors into 107 pages with diagrams and examples that you can carry around on your smartphone, tablet or laptop or print it and put it in a three ring binder.

I am proud to be a part of bringing this eBook to you. After seeing one of Scott’s first workshops in the spring of 2008 in Seattle, I knew Scott’s techniques were very significant. When I left the workshop I felt like I really wanted something written down because that’s just my learning style. I’m glad I was able to convince Scott to invest the huge amount of work it took to document his technique. I’m totally convinced that it is a significant contribution to interior lighting. There is no other interior lighting book that comes close to Lighting Interiors. Thanks Scott for your hard work and huge contribution to interior lighting!

An indicator of the popularity of using small flash techniques is the huge popularity of David Hobby’s Strobist blog (1.5 Million pageviews per month), and Joe McNally blog and books. But David and Joe don’t help you with lighting interiors because interiors are very unique. Scott has applied small flash to the problem of lighting interiors and interior photographers all over the world are moving to this technique.

As you read this Scott is working on the second edition of Lighting Interiors and as with all PFRE Media publications the second edition update will be free to everyone that has already purchased the first edition. We can’t give you a launch date for the second edition yet. An I don’t have a definitive list of all the updates and new chapters. Scott has to squeeze his writing into a busy shooting and workshop schedule so making schedule predictions is difficult.

In the mean time stay tuned and we will give you more details as soon as they are firm.

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7 Responses to “Lighting Interiors Celebrates One Year Since Launch”

  • Happy Anniversary Lighting Interiors eBook! The book as well as your blog have been a great resource to me! I can’t wait to see Scott’s updates to his book.

    Thank you for all that the two of you do to make me a better R/E photographer!

  • Great resource! Time flies. Cant believe it is a year already!

  • Congrats! I’ve heard lots of great things about the ebook. Even though I only shoot my own listings, I’m considering purchasing the ebook.

  • Congratulations to both of you! Lighting Interiors is a great book. We look forward to the new edition.

  • Congratulations on the one year mark, and thank you for providing a great resource!

  • Great news, really looking forward to the update. If you haven’t already bought the ebook it’s a great investment and a free update coming too!

  • I was happy to be at that first workshop back in 2008. My how the industry has changed. Thanks Scott.

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