My Nomination For Best Property Video

October 13th, 2011

Regular readers will recall the BallinDowns property video that did a couple of posts on back in June of this year.

This video was unusual in that it honestly but discretely shared the reason that this property was on the market. A’lysse, the woman in the video, is playing herself and has life threatening medical problems. My feeling is that the way the script allowed A’lysse to share her story in the video was discrete yet added a strong emotional attraction to the video. The story creates a reverence and appreciation for this property. For this reason, I have to say this is the strongest and best done property video that I’ve seen to date.

Brett Clements just shared a letter that he received from  Jason Savage, the listing agent, for this property:

To Brett & the team,
I just wanted to say the response from the marketing videos you have packaged together for Ballindowns has been over whelming. I have had numerous phone calls and emails from people who simply wanted me to pass on their best wishes to the sellers. I have had countless people crying on the phone to me and a heap of people telling me it’s the best property marketing they have seen in their life.

So far out of the 100’s of enquiries I have had 22 genuine buyer enquiries, 7 of these are looking to purchase the property. I have a couple finance approved booked in for an inspection on Saturday arvo and a couple from country Victoria who are finalising their finances to make an offer which could be as early as tomorrow. I have another couple from Wollongong wanting to come up next week to make an offer as well. The other 4 will commit as soon as they have an offer on their properties which are either on the market or about to go on the market.. Nearly all the enquiries have come from country Victoria, NSW and Northern QLD and only a couple of local people from Brisbane.

The videos have had over 1,200 hits on youtube and 3,602 photos have been viewed on real estate dot com, so far.

Just to put this into perspective the property has only been marketed to the horse industry, which I’m guessing is less than 1% of the population. The property is priced $1,400,000 higher than the previous highest sale ever recorded in the estate which was 3 years ago. The average sale price range in the estate is between $600,000 and $800,00 which is around $1,600,000 less than Ballindowns. A local agent had told the sellers at best they would be very lucky to get over 1 million for the property.

Kindest Regards
Jason Savage
Logan BestAgents

Wow, what a story! I still can’t watch the video with dry eyes. Congratulations to Brett and his team for the fine work and all the best possible to A’lysse and her family in dealing her medical problems.

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7 Responses to “My Nomination For Best Property Video”

  • It’s one of my favourite. Since the first time you get me to known platinumHD I’ve watched all of their videos at once. Imo their are redefining real estate marketing. They are in the vanguard of everything. I’m looking forward to see what they can do with their new RED epic camera.

  • Awww, that’s a really nice letter, and its truly the best property vid ive seen! Well done Brett & co for thinking outside the box.

  • Nice video in every respect. I just can’t get over the fact that a medical condition has come into play in selling this property. It’s a tragic story and you have my deepest respect, but this should not be a marketing tool for why they are selling this property. If I had to watch 10 videos with why people want to sell there home with some sort of horrific story, I would cry all night. Yes it is a sad thing for this young pretty lady to go through, but let’s just focus on the home.

    Thank you and good luck Alyse.


  • Thanks Larry. The whole PlatinumHD team appreciate it. It does take a trusting Agent and Vendor to make this sort of stuff happen. And great Producers and Editors. I’m just thankful video is making a big difference in selling property. It’s had a profound impact on every other industry. Because it’s so…dare I say it….real.

  • Still waiting for parts Pedro. About four weeks away from it’s first shoot. It’s going to be a doozey!

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  • I too agree it’s a great video and the amount of discussion this video has created made it a hit just alone. It’s an inspiration for me.

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