Help Kickstart The Nice Clip – A Universal Lens Cap Clip & Cord Catcher!

October 11th, 2011

Today I talked to Zeke Kamm in Bend, OR at who is launching a new product called the Nice Clip on is a cool way to help small businesses get off the ground and launch a product.  Zeke says:

This product is a new mobile phone/electronics/photo accessory launched on Kickstarter – The Nice Clip!

I originally designed this cool little clip doodad for photographers, but it turns out it works just as great for anyone who uses a mobile phone, laptop, iPad, etc. That s just about everyone, right?

Check out this crazy video I made for it over at Kickstarter.

It s a little plastic clip that sticks on your desk or nightstand. You clip the power or usb cord from your phone, laptop, etc. into it so when you unplug, your cord slides down to the clip without falling behind your desk.

Or you can stick the clip onto your DSLR s lens cap. Then when you want to take photos, you clip your lens cap to your shirt, belt, pocket, camera strap, bag, or wherever you want. No more pocket lint covered lens caps, or those awful lens cap leashes. Just a simple clip so your cap is out of the way but always in reach.

It s only available on Kickstarter for a few weeks. I hope you can share this with your readers and friends, but either way, thanks for your time.

Oh, and they re made in the USA. Nice!

This is exactly the kind of business that I was talking about in my recent post on the revolution in creating your own job. Zeke is using his 20 year background in photography and film making to launch another related business. I urge you to support him, I am!

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One Response to “Help Kickstart The Nice Clip – A Universal Lens Cap Clip & Cord Catcher!”

  • Hi,

    I found this site a while ago and have been enjoying it. Real estate is a life long hobby/interest, and interior photography is a new passion.

    I loved seeing the Kickstarter video on the Nice Clip! Go Zeke! Kickstarter is a great way for small businesses to get their ideas funded– and for photographers to branch out into other businesses!

    Here’s another Kickstarter video you might find interesting. It’s for a product that protects large lenses.

    Best regards,

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