Looking For A PFRE Reader To Evaluate The AR Parrot Undermount Kit

October 10th, 2011

Daniel Owren maker of the AR Parrot under mount kit has offered us an evaluation unit to evaluate and test. This is the device that we talked about back on Oct 2. The only condition is that you need to write a evaluation post for the PFRE blog. Daniel’s site for people interested in real estate uses of this kit is here.

I don’t have a AR Parrot or GoPro camera to test this with so I’m looking for a PFRE reader and real estate photographer that is willing to test Daniel’s under mount kit and write a short evaluation post (400 words or so) for the PFRE blog in return. You need to have or get both a AR Parrot and a GoPro to do this evaluation.

Update 10/11 14:00: OK we have a couple of readers that are ready to go with all the gear needed. So now more volunteers are needed.

Also, Ryan Ward of Atlanta just told me that he just today attached his iPhone 4 to his AR Parrot Drone and flew it. Ryan is expecting delivery of a iPhone 4s on Friday. Ryan wants to use the iPhone instead of the GoPro since he wants less lens distortion (slight fisheye look). It’s bad weather for flying dones in Atlanta today. More on this story as it develops.

Update 10/14: Ryan told me today that after several trials trying to get his Parrot to fly with an iPhone 4 he is unable to get it to work. Ryan says:

It will not fly with the iPhone attached even with the back glass removed. The battery is only strong enough to carry it overhead for about 30 seconds and the rest of the time it takes off and falls – I crashed it too cracking the front and rear glass on the old iPhone. Also, the video was terrible and unable to be saved by stabilization. I did find an app that records from the front camera of the drone but it is not of high enough quality to use… So far, I’m unable to find a camera to attach other than a GoPro and I’ll be curious to see how the video turns out. I spent some time flying it today and I definitely think it can produce amazing shots from angles unavailable to most RE photographers. Next stop for me will be to try to find another lightweight alternative to the iPhone that isn’t a fisheye.

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4 Responses to “Looking For A PFRE Reader To Evaluate The AR Parrot Undermount Kit”

  • omg… why didn’t they told you sooner? I had a little accident with my ar.drone 3 days ago… it landed on a pond… :
    It doesn’t fly anymore but the gopro works ok. Anyway there are many DIY solutions for adding a camera. Some more professional, some not so much. My mod was called duck tape mod, you probably known how it works…
    Imo it’s the easiest and cheapest way to do aerial photography (poles don’t count) but I don’t like the quality and you don’t have much control… But there’s no other solution, to use a small compact camera you already have to pay +2000$ for something basic but reliable. If you want to control a dslr prepare yourself to spend +10k.

  • I have a Parrot AR drone and am ordering a GoPro camera today

  • I have an AR Drone and was going to buy a GoPro exactly for this purpose, I am very interested in doing this test and will buy a GoPro if you give me the go ahead

  • I have an AR Drone R/C mod and the new GoPro Hero2. I am looking to get the adjustable undermount kit if the results are favorable. I’d be happy to do a thorough evaluation for Daniel’s product and RE blog. I’m in Tucson, AZ. The weather here is perfect for this evaluation. I need some high res images for my own RE website (under construction) and will gladly link to Daniel’s blog and product sites. – Ron

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