RIP Steve, Thanks For Everything You’ve Done To Improve Technology and Life

October 5th, 2011

As someone who has owned and loved almost every product that Steve Jobs championed from the Apple II, the first Macintosh, the first Apple Laser Printer, the Apple’s first Apple laptop, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, I’m going to miss Steve’s passion for design and flare for marketing.

Steve is an example of what can happen if you find what you love and pursue it with passion.

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5 Responses to “RIP Steve, Thanks For Everything You’ve Done To Improve Technology and Life”

  • Vey sad news indeed on so many levels, but wow, what a legacy he leaves behind.

  • While Steve was passing, I was on the phone with Apple Joint Venture Service, working on coordinating some new programs on my imac with my ipad and iphone. The quality of customer service from Apple where nothing was a negative but a reason to look again for a solution was something that Steve Jobs inspired in his many employees at his stores and on the phone. I learned about his passing right after the phone call to Apple from a Facetime interaction with my good friend and fellow photographers Dave Williamson of in Perth Australia. Dave, my husband Brad and I facetime about once a week. much better than skype and again, thanks to Steve Jobs.
    I wrote a blog when Steve left Apple sharing my thoughts about his influence on my professional life – my first blog! Again an influence.
    Thank you Steve and may you rest in peace, with your pain gone and spirit left to inspire generations to come.

  • Steve Jobs will continue to be a vital component to this industry that we love so much.

    Mr. Jobs, the pleasure was all mine…even though you never responded to any of my emails. Rest in peace.

  • We have lost a true genius. The Thomas Edison of our times. RIP Steve Jobs.


  • An end to pain & suffering for the man…… A new chapter for the legend.
    May his vision continue to infuse the marvellous Apple products on the horizon.

    Perhaps someone up there needed some personal help in switching to a Mac…… 😉

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