An Open Letter To Canon: Everything You Need Is Not In The Box!

October 5th, 2011

Charlotte Rosato-Alessi sent me this humorous video yesterday. Charlotte said:

This past week I was shooting a home for a realtor. It was the homeowner that insisted on a professional and while I was shooting the home the realtor announced to the homeowner that she just purchased her own DSLR so she could take these photos herself. As I listened I thought, well you have a bit of the problem solved minus the skill, talent and post production equipment and software. When I got home I had this video in my inbox from a friend. It was perfect and funny.

Everything you need to shoot real estate photography is NOT in the box!

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5 Responses to “An Open Letter To Canon: Everything You Need Is Not In The Box!”

  • Love it! I’ve occasionally had agents go out and buy the same gear that I have, thinking that they’ll be able to save money by taking their own photos. A few months later they call me back and say that they can’t figure out how to get the same type of shots that I’ve provided for their listings…

  • Hahaaaa – love it!!!

  • How thoughtless on the part of that agent, with the photographer right there. I am hoping that Charlotte handed the agent her camera right there and dared the agent to create professional quality photos on the spot. 🙂

  • I have had an agent show up at a shoot with an “Assistant” while I was shooting a property for them. During the shoot, the “Assistant” was very curious about my equipment and stuck to me like glue….. The “Assistant” even called up later to ask how I did my post production, like adding blue skies, etc. Come to find out later, that the “Assistant” was a “Photographer” that wanted to “See” how I worked and the agent did not think I would mind….. I noticed the agent’s listings after that and they looked like S***. After a few listings, the agent called me again to shoot a property for her and I said no problem, but that it had been awhile since her last shoot and that there had been a price increase.

    Another time while I was shooting, the agent got his camera out and started to follow me and shoot everything I shot, in the same location. I asked him what he was doing and he said he needed a couple of shots right away, could not wait for mine to show up the NEXT day…. Well, I think I must have shot at least 3 times what I normally shoot and hit every bad location I could think of. When his card was full of crap, I went back and shot the property with out him.

    Just like any other group…..some agents are just jerks


  • I once had an agent bring her son who followed me around like a puppy dog mimicking all my shots. He kept asking questions but I had to tell him I wasn’t being paid to teach. I was being paid to shoot this multimillion dollar property and I didn’t have enough time to shoot it all, much less teach. I had to bite my tongue a LOT that day….

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