PlatinumHD Brisbane Crew Un-boxes Their New Red Epic M 993

October 3rd, 2011

Brett Clements and his Brisbane crew just got their new Red Epic M 993. Why do you need a Red Epic for property video you ask? Brett explains on the site:

In line with our mission statement to be the No 1 property, tourism and lifestyle production network worldwide, PlatinumHD will deploy a Red EPIC on all its big signature productions from late September. The camera will be used on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, The Sunshine Coast and New Zealand, by the Network’s senior DPs. This is what RED says about the EPIC:

“The name is not an overstatement. The much anticipated addition to the RED family is the answer to the professional’s wildest dreams and exists as the most sophisticated and capable camera ever engineered and built.

OK, we are all on the edge of our seats! Lets see what this thing does.

Update: Brett has promised us a peak at the first shoot they do with the Red EPIC in about a month.

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5 Responses to “PlatinumHD Brisbane Crew Un-boxes Their New Red Epic M 993”

  • Oh. My. God! I can’t wait to see the results!

  • I’ve read about these units and apparently they are quite epic indeed. Really excited to learn about your experiences.

  • Brett, congratulations !! The last four feature film locations we have been on this past month, all have had one or two new RED Epic X plus a host of Canon 7D & 5D’s , seems the new “toys” of Hollywood land here. We have a new RC Helicopter coming next month which will lift this 10pound [5+kilos] of electronic marvel into the air, but we rent the RED’s. I can see your a happy owner, plus with your creativity in cinematography I for one will be looking for your next production to see what this RED Epic can do !! Cheers, Rusty

  • Now that is a Video Camera! Best of luck Brett and we look forward to seeing your new productions. You serve as an inspiration to all upcoming videographers and show all of us that talent plus a unique way of looking at things helps to create productions that last in your mind past the initial viewing.

  • This is going to be huge guys!!!

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