Congratulations Mike Leyland, Cairns AU PFRE Photographer of The Month September

September 30th, 2011

It’s now October UTC/GMT and Mike Leyland of Cairns AU has won the voting for the September PFRE photographer of the month. Mike says:

The house was a nominee for the HIA (Housing Industry Association) awards and had pretty awesome views. The bath was one of the numerous places from where you had clear views to Cairns CBD and out to sea. I tried a shot much closer to the bath to emphasize the view, but with such a big window, I struggled to deal with the amount of light and the glare from the bath. Coming back into the bathroom overcame the issue and, as it turned out, gave a much better composition without completely losing the view.

The dark tiles were a real light-stealer and I ended up with the opposite problem and needed plenty of light to get the shot without blowing out the bath. On the plus side, at 1/80th at F8, I could get away with 2 exposures – one for inside and one for outside and the reflection in the far mirror – and still keep the frames sharp when the view was masked in during post.

This was shot with a D90 and Sigma 10-20mm lens. For the inside exposure, I used a speedlight on-camera and a second flash around the corner to the right.

As Larry said  this was a really tough competition this month so I am very grateful to those who voted for me.

Thanks again to PFRE for running the forum and this competition.

This month we had a great bunch of master bath shots and this is a tough crowd that’s doing the voting. Every one of these photos were very strong! I’m glad I didn’t have to do the judging of which one was the best! There were a bunch of magnificent shots!

Briana Gray of Orange County CA and Olin Redmon had shots that were tied in the voting for second place.

We are now accepting photo entries for the October PFRE Photographer of the month. The October theme is daylight exterior. For full details on how to submit your photo for voting see the PFRE Photographer of the month page.

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6 Responses to “Congratulations Mike Leyland, Cairns AU PFRE Photographer of The Month September”

  • Great shot Mike. Congratulations. I thought this month was Small Bedrooms….when was it changed to Master Baths?

  • Thanks Peggy.

    I’m not sure about the category change, but now you mention it, I do recall seeing small bedrooms on the theme schedule at one point too.

  • @Peggy- Changing from small bedrooms to master baths was an executive decision on my part towards the end of August. I just felt that small bedrooms were such a bore and when making up the list to begin with, I’d totally forgot master baths which are always so dazzling. After seeing all the great images of master baths I don’t regret the change.

    I suppose you had a breath taking small bedroom you were waiting to enter?

  • Small is always changing to me. Not being a pro I try to replicate and try new things. It’s really important to me to see great photos that are described how they were achieved, like this one that even let us know what material was used. I learned a lot from this.

  • Not really, I just didn’t have time to research my best master bath but looks like it would have been wasted effort anyway!

  • […] the winning image, Leyland said, “The house was a nominee for the HIA (Housing Industry Association) awards and had pretty […]

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