Is The New Canon 5D Mark III In The Wild?

September 27th, 2011

Tom in Seattle got me going on this subject last week when he was showing me a camera site where they are selling 5D Mark IIs for basically ~$1,000 USD off of the standard Amazon and B&H price. I recommended that he not bite on this ridiculously low price. It felt to me that the site was a scam of some sort! But it got me thinking that perhaps Canon was clearing inventory before an update announcement of the 5DMKII.

I did some research and found that there are in fact some that think there will be an 5DMKII update announcement on November 3 in Hollywood.

Others claim, No, not until after the first of the year. But most agree that the 5DMKII will be updated by Photokina time (Sept 2012). In any case as I told Tom, if you are thinking about upgrading to a 5DMKII, you might wait for the update before purchasing. Either to give the option of purchasing the new one or to take advantage of the price reduction that will probably occur after the announcement.

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10 Responses to “Is The New Canon 5D Mark III In The Wild?”

  • Dont you mean $100 off? $1,000 would cause a buying frenzy.

  • @Craig- I mean $1,000 off… but I’m like you, I don’t believe there are any legitimate retailers discounting it by$1000. There are several retailers that have $100 off and the price in Canada is at $2000.

  • In Canada they just dropped the price by $750 and that is at one of the top retailers Vistek.

  • That’s a crazy good deal. Thanks for the info. Hoping Tom is right. The rumors seem to be all over the place. One minute the rumors sound promising and another it’s crushing any hope. I am starting to think more about focusing on glass improvements for my camera bag instead. And praying for Scott Hargis to either produce a webinar or book an NE workshop.

  • imo eos 5D mark II is very outdated. just compare it to consumer grade medium format. I mean, image quality is even worse in some cases. Compare it to Canon 60D, 7D and nikon D5100, D7000.
    What I really want is to buy the new Nikon D400 to be launched in October (hopefully :p).

  • That Vistek Canada site lists the 5DMKII as $1999.99, but Out of Stock. I think it’s a come on to draw attention to their site.

  • @Michael P.

    You are incorrect, its not just to draw attention…..they are one of the 2 biggest retailers in Canada, no need to “draw” attention. I was in the Mississauga store 2 days ago and they had them in stock, that is how I heard about the crazy price drop (overheard someone buying one). Its pretty safe to say at that price they simply sold out. I just called down to the Mississauga location and they have 54 on order and they said they will trickle in over the next week, first come first serve and at that price they wont last long.

    The other big retailer, Henrys, also has it for that same price……and has them in stock as I post his.

  • well big retailers still need to draw attention. everyone knowns coca-cola but they still spend billions on advertising.
    sometimes companies do these kind of things. remember some weeks ago when HP sold their tablets for 99$?
    I would love to buy a 5D for that price. to resell it.

  • C.J., Holy smoke. That’s an amazing price, even more amazing in Yankee dollars (1,999.99 CAD = 1,931.21 USD). It does look like Canon is clearing inventory to make way for the replacement to the 5DMKII.
    Pedro, I agree that the 5DMKII is outdated; it doesn’t even rank in DxOMark’s top 10 (behind some newer APS-C DSLRs). But this is a very attractive price for a full frame with video for real estate photography.

  • All Canadian retailers are selling it for 1,999.99
    It definitely looks like Canon is clearing inventory.

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