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September 26th, 2011

Today Allan MacKenzie showed me his recent project that he produced to promote the 60th anniversary of the Endeavour prize home. Some background: this special prize home was selected and purpose built to commemorate Endeavours first 60 years of service. Endeavour Foundation’s vision of providing opportunities for people with a disabilities was founded in 1951, with school lessons on the verandah of a Queenslander home in Coorparoo, AU.

First of all notice the editing that Allan has done here in the opening sequence. Allan says:

“My reason to start the video in black and white was to represent time in past, a play on the historical theme of this special edition prize home. Highlighting the red colours during the black and white sequences such as the stained glass window pane and the viola was done by using an effect called “Sin City” this is done Adobe After Effects…tutorial here on how to do it in Adobe After Effects and here on how to do in FCP. The inspiration for the music was inspired by the Viola, I can spend days selecting the right music track. Audio is 50% of video, this is why for me it’s so important IMO to get the music right. Video is about provoking the emotional responses in the eyes of the viewer, music plays an emotional part in telling the story and hopefully hooking the viewers attention. You can really get lost in the editing process (There are parallels to a musician that gets inspired to write a song, the inspiration can come quickly or can be a long drawn out process) and I think video editing is much the same. Editing can be an emotional and creative draining experience, it is easy to get lost in the storyline for days and I often need time to recover from these type of edit’s.

Next notice the camera moves that Allan is using in this video. He is using a mini-crane called the kitten deluxe and a a slider made by Glidetrack HD at 0.5 metres in length. Allan is using two 5DMKII’s one on the mini crane using a 24-105 lens and the other on the slide with a 16-35 lens.

Thanks Allan for all the insights into your editing and shooting for this compelling property video!

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4 Responses to “ Produces Video Promoting 60th anniversary Endeavour Prize Home”

  • Magnificent Allan, Can see lot of work went into this Project. With a great result to showcase

  • Very nice. I particurally like the opening with the shallow DOF, notable in various scenes put particurally the music score as the shallow band pans across. Really draws the attention of the viewer and directs it to the selected score much more so than a quick full focus shot of sheetmusic.

  • My favorite shot was the low, left to right tracking of the exterior patio furniture…especially with that early twilight blue sky. I also like the emphasis on sound design, here. Good video, Allan!

  • Thank you all for liking and your feedback, cheers everyone.

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