The World Is Watching Huge Amounts Of YouTube Video

September 23rd, 2011

An article on reports that:

ComScore’s August web video rankings are in, and this is for sure: Americans watch an enormous amount of online video content, with most of that taking place on — you guessed it — YouTube.

There is several messages here for real estate photographers and real estate agents:

  1. Watching YouTube video is becoming a major part of peoples lives. People understand the interface have their favorite videos, know how to send them around to their friends. Even my 2 year old granddaughter has many favorite YouTube videos (This may have something to do with her grandfather’s influence). YouTube is to the current generation what TV and DVDs used to be to previous generations.
  2. It’s trivial to create a YouTube video. Anyone with a smartphone can create one and upload it directly to YouTube within minutes of when the video is shot.
  3. Despite how easy it is, 99% of people are intimidated by creating video. This his fast becoming a reason to provide a video product. Agents all think the can shoot stills but most agents don’t have a clue about how to shoot video and are not even going to try. Video is the evolving reason to hire a professional.
I had a discussion earlier this week with a Realtor that was using for his video. I tried to explain to him that this was a bad idea to have it JUST on Phanfare for a bunch of reasons. Anyone that creates video should upload a copy to YouTube because:
  1. It will be seen on YouTube and bring traffic to his site if it’s on YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet.
  2. Everyone understands the YouTube interface and it works on all devices.
  3. YT is quick and easy and Google is going to be in business next month and next year… that’s more than you can say for a lot of video hosting services.
  4. Google continues to invest in improving YT. For example just recently editing features have been added to YT.
  5. Most of the popular video editors will upload video to YT directly from the video editing application.
Sure, there are some undesirable aspects of YouTube. The ads, the promotion of other similar videos. However, I think everyone that produces video should upload a copy to YouTube even if your main video hosting is at iPlayerHD, or some other higher quality video hosting site than YT.


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7 Responses to “The World Is Watching Huge Amounts Of YouTube Video”

  • On youtube the ads and the “other similar videos” can be turned off.

  • Sorry… to expand on that:

    – Ads can be turned off in the settings.

    – “Similar Videos” can be turned off by adding “rel=0” to the embed code (without the quotes)

  • CJ- Thanks for the tip. Ted in Texas will be glad to see this. He has ads on one of his listing videos that he wants to get rid of and just clicking the “no ads” check box in the settings panel didn’t get rid of them.

  • iPlayerHD will be adding a YouTube syndication feature so that when our customer uploads a video to their iPlayerHD account, it is also uploaded to their YouTube account.

    We are also developing an editing feature – not sure yet on a release date but it will be very convenient for those who want to edit on the fly.

  • @Wes- very cool thanks for the update!

  • I upload a full, high def 1080p version of every single video to about 5-6 different sites, including YouTube. Why? They show up in the general Google search results, which is THE #1 place people search for real estate. Not an agent site, not Zillow, not The first place people go to search for real estate is GOOGLE.

    5 out of the top 10 search results are my VIDEO for this property. You can’t beat that. In addition, every one of those videos have the agent’s website link (plus for the agent), and a link back to MY site (big plus and exposure for me.)

    They’re watchable on any computer, plus mobile devices. Watch it on your Apple TV or ROKU in full 1080p HD. I have clients who show these videos to perspective clients on 55″ high def television sets in their office.

    Just as an aside, a client I shot a house for today told me that a home I shot 2 weeks ago sold. The guy called my client (the listing agent), walked through the house quickly, and said he would like to make an offer. The agent didn’t have the paperwork there at the time (she said “I wasn’t prepared for that… nobody does THAT anymore”.)

    He said, although he wasn’t initially looking in this particular town, he saw the video, watched it about a dozen times, always looking for new details and information on each viewing, and came to the first appointment specifically prepared to make an offer on that house – 100% based upon that video. He emphatically stated that without the video, he wouldn’t have given the house a second look.

    It’s sold. And he just listed his house with that agent. Shooting it next week.

    Gotta love stories like that, and I hear ’em all the time. Video ROCKS!

  • @Wes – That’s awesome! When will that feature go live?

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