Shooting Portraits Is A Good Way To Meet Top Agents

September 21st, 2011


Scott Kelby’s new book and seminar that is currently on tour are a great way to learn how to shoot portraits if you’ve not done that before or you just need a refresher on some modern portrait techniques. Then call up your local real estate office and make the managing broker and offer to come to their next sales meeting, setup your light(s) and shoot some agent portraits. Give them a group discount since you’ll only need to setup once for everyone that wants an updated portrait or some do this for free for the chance to meet agents. I’d suggest that you just give a nice discount so you start the relationship out on the right foot. Might as well establish the concept that your time is valuable and you are not a homeless street person, even if you are.

Top agents need to look good in their marketing materials and need great portraits even though they tend not to keep their portraits up to date. There are several agents in my wife’s office that are still using their high school graduation portraits I think.

The fact is that an agent’s photo and name are a major part of their brand. Their face and name is on all their advertising so the portrait should be the very best image possible. Some agents are aware of this but many are not so a little discussion of this fact during a portrait shoot is appropriate. Many agents are looking for someone that can make them look good and help them create a great brand. Here are a couple of long time Seattle agents, here and here that have used and are still using great portraiture as a part of their brand.

Conclusion: great portraiture is an integral part real estate marketing. So if this is something you can do well it can be an effective part of your product offering and marketing strategy.


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4 Responses to “Shooting Portraits Is A Good Way To Meet Top Agents”

  • The main reason to an agent to still use the same photo for years is because they want to be always recognized. Changing a photo can be catastrophic. I known some top agents that use the same photo for more then 15years. And it works. But imo a good portrait can make miracles in marketing, a smile, a good face, it does make the difference. That’s why some top agents use image consultants to improve themselves. In marketing image and recognition is everything.
    But just because an agent doesn’t want a new photo it doesn’t mean you won’t meet him at such an event. Great suggestion Larry.

  • It is kind of the joke in our office, but the top performing agent at a branch office on the other side of town has a photo that looks nothing like her. At least 20 years younger glamour shot, slender with flowing dark hair. Now more filled out with plumper face, short cropped light brown hair with extensive curling. The ultimate irony is, her husband is a professional photographer – my competition – who does excellent work as he shoots all of her properties.

    It is important to establish the networking though. Even if you don’t do a portrait, other work can spin off. With one client, yes, I am working on her updated portrait today…but her husband just started a new business and I will be doing a corporate product video. The leadup to the video has been interesting as they have no concept of storyline thinking boring monolog with the product next to them. Should be interesting. Can’t wait to see their reaction as I do as requested and render it, then a second one using the audio/speech but leaving most of the original video cut on the floor with supporting content for the storyline added.

  • Well, we have tried that approach, and in fact it’s good approach and easy way to get some jobs, especially if they already know you company and the quality that it stands for, and it’s not much longer than that… But, for us it turned out to be more complicated than anticipated, simply because agents and people in general has an opinion on how they look on photos, and are expecting glamor shots for nothing, so it actually ended up be more work that expected, so we quit that thing pretty quickly. To the story is of course that we are not perfect portraits photographers, but fairly ok.

    So just keep in mind the out come it can bring, be really good or my advise stay away from it.


  • I found out through an agent recently that the Keller Williams realty in my county was moving to a new office. This required that all agents order new business cards. I am new to real estate photography and only had one agent who was using me. I offered to set up a portable studio at the new office on move in day and take headshots for all agents at no charge. I wound up shooting 28 agents and spent a few mintues getting to know each. Along with the display of professional equipment, I had a slide show going on a 27 inch iMac showing my best real estate photos. In order to send their headshot in jpg format, I collected contact info for all the agents. Because I setup in their office, my work was displayed to even those agents who chose not to get a new headshot. Time will tell if this “marketing” ploy works, but the response on site makes me optimistic.

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