Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 10 To Be Released October 3rd

September 20th, 2011

Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 10 are scheduled to be released October 3rd. I point this out because I think Adobe Photoshop Elements is becoming the Photoshop of choice for beginning real estate photographers. While I dearly love my Photoshop CS5 ($670 USD) and Lightroom ($210 USD) and there are many wonderful benefits of both, realistically you can get by fine with Photoshop Elements ($80 USD). Of coarse Adobe targets Photoshop Elements at non-professional photographers but the Elements has about 90% of the functionality of Photoshop CS5 and cost about 12% of what CS5 costs. Elements has more automatic features where stuff is just done for you automatically and it doesn’t get all the leading edge features as quickly as the big version of Photoshop does.

It appears that Elements 10 will be a great version to have it’s not an essential upgrade. Here are some of the new features:

  • Upload video clips to YouTube directly from the organizer
  • Object recognition
  • Improvements to cropping
  • Paint effects onto specific photo areas
  • Improved use of flowing text
  • Photomerge – This appears to have some of what is called content aware fill in CS5

My biggest complaint from just looking at the features description is that Adobe still doesn’t have PS Elements totally identical on Mac and Windows. At least they release the Mac and Windows version together on the same CD which is an improvement over the old days where the Mac and Windows version was developed independently. Elements needs to be just like the more expensive Adobe applications  where the Mac and Windows version is functionally identical except for keyboard shortcuts. Here is a feature comparison that shows how Elements 10 differs from the last few versions.

If you want to get a notice when Elements 10 is release so you can try it out click here.

Mac users remember that Photoshop Elements 9 is in the App store for $79 and version 10 will undoubtedly be too. When you buy apps from the app store you can download the app to any and all Macs you own. I’m hoping Adobe puts all of their applications in the app store so I can get CDs out of my life.

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3 Responses to “Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 10 To Be Released October 3rd”

  • Larry I have been miffed by the different interfaces too.
    I have DXO and LR on my “workhorse” PC, before transferring the final picks to my Mac main LR catalog.
    LR was OK to run on the Mac and PC, but CS5 would not let me run it, wanted full price to go on the PC!
    So I bought PE9 and put it on the PC.
    Whether it was me or lack of patience and trying, I gave up on using PE9. I was staring at another curve with the interface etc, so reluctantly do all my Photoshop editing on the Mac.
    Not that there is that much now, after DXO has done its wizard!

  • @Milton- Excellent point, I don’t recommend that anyone that is already a long time Photoshop CSn or Lightroom user try to switch to PS Elements… it has the similar functionality but the interface is different.

    What I’m suggesting is that if you are starting out and have nothing or just have Lightroom then going with Elements is a good what to go.

  • I started with Lightroom and then added Elements 9. This is a great combination.

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