Scott Kelby Launches Light It – A Lighting Magazine For The iPad

September 12th, 2011

I just discovered that late last month while I was on vacation, Kelby Media Group announced the launch of Light It a iPad magazine on lighting. Publisher Scott Kelby talks about Light It in this video and also has a Q&A about the launch on his blog.

I downloaded the free premiere issue and I like the look and feel of it. It has gear reviews, regular columns on small flash, portrait lighting, lighting for weddings, beginners column an a bunch of great feature articles. I suggested to Scott Hargis that Light It needs a Interior Lighting column or at least a feature article on the subject but I don’t think it’s on his priority list.

For the last year or so I’ve been expecting Kelby to launch something on the iPad. I thought maybe the NAPP publication would come out on the iPad but a completely new pubication makes more sense since iPad publications are still unproven, risky territory. Unproven because reading a magazine on the iPad takes some getting used to. Although from an environmental perspective I’d rather not have to deal with the hardcopy, I have to admit that I’m having a hard time giving up hardcopy magazines. I gave up newspapers a long time ago and I rarely purchase a hardcopy book anymore but there’s something about a big glossy magazine that’s much harder to give up.

The subscription model Wired and the New Yorker are using is that you subscribe to the hardcopy magazine and the iPad magazine and the website all for one price. The reason is, advertisers are not yet convinced that an iPad reader is as valuable as a hardcopy reader. So Scott is taking a risk by not having a hardcopy version of Light It, but then Scott has always been a publishing pioneer.

I wish Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski (Matt is the Editor-in-Chief) all the best on this new project and I going to be a regular reader and cheering for your success .

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9 Responses to “Scott Kelby Launches Light It – A Lighting Magazine For The iPad”

  • No Android love? I have one friend that’s still hanging onto his iPhone for dear life and everyone else has become Android converts. Heck, I know one person that bought an iPad and I know tons of folks with Xooms, Galaxy Tabs, and the like (even Blackberry Playbooks for that matter).

    If nothing else, I’d be more than happy to pay for a PDF version that I could read on my phone or PC. As it is, I guess I won’t see the thing even though it sounds completely fantastic and it’s the first magazine I could see spending money on in God knows how long…

  • @Jeff- Click the Q&A link in the post Kelby addresses your point explicitly.

  • In a very condescending way. Scott quoted CNN’s article about non iPad tablets, you know that bastion of truth and understanding, like they didn’t drink the Apple cool-aide..

    I don’t so much care about which tablet they chose, with todays technology I’m not sure why Scott could be device agnostic, I don’t have either. What concerns me is that I’ve been a long time supporter/customer of Kelby Online Training and it will annoy me a little if the benefit of what this magazine has to offer isn’t included on his website.

    He may have made a $2.99 magazine sale at the expense of my $25 subscription.

  • Scott Kelby has been acting strangely recently. In August irrationally trashed the new Fujifilm X100 camera despite the thousands of excellent photos from this camera posted on Flickr and elsewhere.

    Now he has alienated some people who don’t use iOS.

    I wonder what’s next?

  • Hey guys,

    I don’t think people are reading Scott’s Q&A thoroughly because they are feeling insulted at his tounge-in-cheek approach. As a member of the Kelby Media Group team, I can unequivocally state that there was no malice involved in this post. Scott has been blogging Q&A’s like this for ~years~ and his regular readers have come to know them for what they are, lighthearted responses to the thousands of emails/comments/calls he receives for everything he writes/publishes/creates/etc.

    For the record, it does state that we will be porting Light It to Android tablets once the programming exists. As of right now, that won’t be until some time during the 1st quarter of 2012.

    We’re not trying to alienate non IOS users… the programming simply. does. not. exist.

    Of course, some will feel that we are alienating non-tablet owners since Light It is a ~tablet~ app only, but there’s nothing we can do about that. That’s how Light It was conceived and designed and there are no plans to port it to smart phones or make it available in PDF form.

  • Hey Jeff

    So did RBC Capital falsify this data regarding the demand for iOS?

    I guess your friends are in the minority.

  • You don’t have to like Apple, or their products, but it’s the people who try to deny that they’re popular that are really kind of funny. Nice to see that the publisher is paying attention to discussions, and giving meaningful responses.

  • William that depends on how you define being in the minority, they have sold way more Androids that iPhone5’s! Last time I checked the iPhone5 wasn’t available yet. I didn’t read the entire article but I think its as premature to extol the demand for the iPhone5 as it is the new Microsoft tablet. Plus they haven’t exactly sold all of the iPhone 3’s???

    I don’t doubt their popularity I just don’t believe everything they claim either. Apple does a great job at marketing to consumers and not so great at supporting their professional applications. I have invested a lot of money in their post production equipment, I like their cool-aide even less now that its diet.

    As far as the technology not being available “the programming doesn’t exist” sorry that’s crap. I appreciate Scott’s tongue-in-cheek humor but for you guys to alienate non iOS users because of Apple pushing HTML5, Safari is the only browser, even Google Chrome pulled back, that really supports it.

    I know that its difficult to challenge the prerogatives of large corporations but I’ve been around this industry long enough to still remember Pan Am, Ampex and SGI, all hugely successful companies and where are they now? Doesn’t make me a genius, just old…

  • Chuck,
    I’m not kidding. The program that we use to create Light It DOES NOT EXIST YET FOR ANDROID TABLETS. The company that we partnered with is CREATING IT AS WE SPEAK. The earliest it will be available is 1ST QUARTER OF 2012.

    Look, I sincerely apologize for having to “shout” to get this point across but there seems to be an insane amount of disconnect going on here. Light It is a TABLET APP, browser support has NOTHING to do with this because, as I stated previously – Light It was designed and conceived as a TABLET APP. If there were no tablets there would be NO Light It. It’s that simple. Creating a tablet app for the iPad first is nothing more than good business sense.

    Think of it this way… I’m an Android phone owner myself. I remember when Angry Birds first came out, I wanted to play it very badly but I couldn’t. Instead of sending nasty-grams to Rovio, I waited patiently and played it on my friend’s iPhone when the opportunity arose. Then, when Rovio made an Android version, I downloaded it and that was that. The only difference here is that Light It is only going to be viewable on Tablets. Not PCs, not Mac apps, not smartphones and (as far as I know) not Nooks or Kindles.

    I hope that after all your fuss, you do own an Android tablet because I expect you to be one of the first people to download Light It next year…. once the programming that will allow us to port it over exists. =)

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