Upper-end Home Buyers and Sellers Are More Likely to Use iPads Than Other Devices

September 7th, 2011

John Quarles is a Realtor/Photographer/videographer  in Birmingham. AL. John has been testing various video hosting services recently so he’s been looking closer than usual at the stats from the videos he has hosted at different hosting services. He was a little startled to find that 75% of the visitors to his videos were IOS browsers. John says this percentage increases in with the listing price of the home listed.

The stats don’t breakdown which IOS devices (iPads, iPhones or iPod Touch) but John’s anidotal observations suggest that it must be iPads since he sees iPads in 9 out of 10 upper-end home he photographs.

I’ve raised the point many times here in the past that being seen and looking good on the iPad should be an important priority with real estate agents and real estate photographers but this is the first hard evidence I’ve seen that iPads have already started to dominate a particular market niche. John’s stats make perfect sense given the fact that iPads have been selling better than PCs ever since 4th quarter 2010.

The bottom line is that if you are marketing upper-end homes or providing tours or video for marketing upper-end homes being seen on the iPad is essential.

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5 Responses to “Upper-end Home Buyers and Sellers Are More Likely to Use iPads Than Other Devices”

  • So he’s telling us that people with a lot of money tend to browse the web on expensive and somewhat frivolous devices? Groundbreaking 😉

    I think the important thing to take away from this is that your website should not be built in flash. Be able to be seen on an ipad, but I’m not going to tailor my web presence to iOS any time soon.

  • Also, more people own iPad’s than any other device. I heard a poll that 9/10 people who want a tablet computer want the iPad or nothing.

  • Forecast is for tablets to to outpace PC sales in 2012 if not already. Real estate is one of the industries that can benefit from the trend in a bug way. People on the go are doing a host of things as they are moving around including looking for new homes. My wife gets a few calls a week from people using the company mobile site more often than not on a phone already at the listing or close.

    M. James

  • The real estate world is an constantly changing game. You have to keep up with all of the new devices and technology. There will be something new in the next couple of years that will change the way buyers are looking at homes. We’ll have to adapt again.

  • Its funny how realtors want to show antiquated slideshows on the latest hand held devices.

    The biggest challenge to working with Apple anything is their total reliance on HTML5 while the rest of the world uses Flash.

    Its certainly possible to create nice websites without Flash but Apple didn’t even support their own panoramic standard so not only do Flash panoramas not play on iPads neither do QuicktimeVR’s.

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