Get Valuable Exposure By Shooting For A Real Estate Conference

September 6th, 2011

Brett Clements wanted to share an approach he used to get more work and exposure from real estate agents by filming real estate confrences. Brett says:

One out of the box I’d like to share with you and our brothers in arms. We all get invited along to shoot conventions and conferences, with the dangling carrot – do this for free and we’ll give you truckloads of work. We do. And they don’t. (Not normally anyway). When I got hit up this time around to film the Queensland Real Estate Agents Summit, I knew if I was to get anything out of it, I’d have to put something into it for myself. So I did a deal with the summit’s head honcho, Glenn Twiddle, to film it on the proviso I could do, shoot and cut whatever I wanted. Its not a promo. More of a short film. I’ve cut a teaser for it at and I wanted to share it because I think there’s a business model in it for all of us.

I think that the message here is that shooting video of a conference is great for exposure with the real estate community but be careful that you look out for how you do it and be clear what you are going to get out of it.

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9 Responses to “Get Valuable Exposure By Shooting For A Real Estate Conference”

  • Great concept, opportunity is everywhere if we look hard enough and are creative. Those that learn to look and find it will always be busy.

  • Great use of depth of field, wonder what camcorder was used?

  • The camera on the film was a Panasonic SDR-H280. But I doubt it was the one which they filmed with…

  • Very well done. Wondering what hd camera you are using. If that one dude slapped the camera not once but twice, I would make sure he never did it again.

  • “Production notes: Shot on a Canon 5DMII (and an IXUS 70) with a variety of lenses with sound recorded on The ZOOM. With a RED Epic camera now in the works, PlatinumHD decided to wade back into the corporate fray and start flexing its muscle making some short films.” from description

  • Something that leaped out at me was the well crafted story-telling of this film. They had clearly prepared a basic concept, filmed tons of footage and then carefully edited what is a very effective piece for both the group and Platinum HD.
    Very well done.

  • Thanks guys. Get in there and tear it up. This was all shot on the Canon 5DMII. 50mm Sigma lens (its sharper and cheaper than Canon’s L Series), a 70-200mm and a 100-400mm with the ISO wound past 2000. Sound on the H4NZoom.
    I also used an old IXUS 75. Pedro. We don’t own a Panasonic SDR-H280. I did film that camera – and only did so because it looked so pathetic.
    I thought it underlined the use of ‘unleash hell’ in the smallest font I could find, to be legible.
    On the RED Epic, we are getting one in. Its a massive investment for a Company like ours, in the space we work on. We are determined to change that space. We will deploy it on PlatinumHD real estate productions. And we’re pretty excited.

  • Stoked to see footage from the RED Epic. That is a huge investment but I’ve had the same thought (a much more future thought 🙂

  • Thanks Mark D ad Walt. Pedro. You are a methane breather. Go video bro! I’ll even help you open an outpost.

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