Congratulations to Linda Sabiston August PFRE Photographer of The Month

August 31st, 2011

It’s now September 1 GMT so the voting for the August PFRE Photographer of the month is over.

Congratulations to Linda Sabiston from the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, CA. This win makes Linda a two time winner of the PFRE photographer of the month because Linda won back in August of 2008 when we called this competition PFRE Idol.

Linda describes the creation of her winning photo as follows:

This image was made on the first shoot I had after taken Scott Hargis’ lighting workshop in Vancouver BC a few months ago. As soon as I set foot in that home I knew I couldn’t get away with the comfort of my trusty single flash and Fong! So I forged my way … far beyond … my comfort zone and used all three of my flashes for this shot. One on camera pointed behind and to the right, one camera left and one in the far sitting room. I still did some post, but not nearly as much as I would have done without the additional light. So Scott, thank you. Without the knowledge, experience and patience you shared in the workshop, this image would have looked quite different and I wouldn’t be here thanking people for their votes!

OK… We are now accepting submissions for September PFRE photographer of the month voting. The theme for September (is Master Bathrooms). For all the details on how to submit photos for voting see the PFRE photographer of the month page.

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2 Responses to “Congratulations to Linda Sabiston August PFRE Photographer of The Month”

  • Congratulations Linda!

  • Thank you Larry, Carol and the voters! It’s an honour to be chosen by my peers, based solely on the appearance of the image. Thanks again!

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