Good $14M Entry-Level Home In Beverly Hills

August 24th, 2011

Estella Sneider, a real estate photographer who works the Beverly Hills area sent me this link recently to the Wall Street Journal article that she got on a listing that she shot in the Beverly Park neighborhood.

You’ll have to forgive me for listing this post in the Humor category. But there is just too much about this listing that makes me laugh:

  1. Here’s a quote from the listing agent: “the house is a good entry-level home for this area and the price is reasonable considering the scarce inventory”.
  2. The current owners purchased this home in 2005 for $6.8M and spend $3M in remodeling and are now asking $14M.
  3. Dues for the homeowners association were $2,500 a month in 2010.
Great photography job Estella.
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5 Responses to “Good $14M Entry-Level Home In Beverly Hills”

  • Must have been a real fixer upper to start.

  • Thanks, I was looking for a vacation home.

  • Those numbers do not appear to add up, especially considering what has happened with the economy since the last sale.

  • Staying with the humor, I can only assume we are not looking at the same photographs, Larry!

  • Excellent post. The dogs are lucky to have all of you! Once we finish our remodeling we hope to contact you about adopting.Keep up the good (and hard) work!

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