Having Fun- Wish You Were Here

August 21st, 2011

Spending the rest of the month of August  here at Lake Tahoe soaking up some rays and fresh mountain air. We are renting this awesome lake front property for our family reunion. When I arrived Friday here, I decided to see what property here on the lake is going for so I brought up my Zillow app and it showed that the very place we are renting is for sale for $6.28M. If you are looking for a very comfortable 7 bedroom Tahoe lake front to rent I can recommend this place very highly!

Being high in the Sierras, the stars here are bright at night so I’m going to practice my night star time lapse technique. The only thing that may slow me down is the bears that prowl around at night. Hopefully the constant noise of my 5D’s shutter will scare them off.

I’ll still be posting while I’m here since as you would expect, this $6.28M rental property has a respectable internet connection.

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6 Responses to “Having Fun- Wish You Were Here”

  • Have fun, Larry!

  • Enjoy your (well-deserved) vacation, Larry. Looks beautiful there!

  • Keep Tahoe Blue…..Drink Tahoe Brew!

  • Found on Zillow for $6.28M. How were the photos? You did offer them your services to improve the photos didn’t you.

  • @LarryG- Here is the listing on

    It has 9 photos. A couple of the exterior shots are OK. None of them show this place off.

    I’ve considered shooting it but there are 26 people running around here. It’s a 24 hr a day three ring circus! There are towels and wet suits hanging everywhere… not an ideal shooting situation. There may be an oppurtunity to shoot it the day everyone leaves and we get it cleaned up.

  • ahh, my stomping grounds! let me know if you recognize any of the houses from my stream, hahaha.

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