Menu Adds A Bunch Of Improvements For Camera Comparisons

August 18th, 2011

Monday (August 15th) relaunched with a bunch of nice updates that helps you compare camera specifications. Things to take note of are:

  • Instantly explore the world of cameras based on your unique criteria.
  • This isn’t a list, uses AI to recommend the best camera for you.
  • All the data is in one place.
  • See what the major reviewers are saying about each camera.
  • Compare cameras to understand the key differences based on your preferences.
  • Great for both hard core users and not so hard core users.
One of the things I especially like about is the fact that they have use a objective metric to compare the image quality of a camera that weights all the specifications of a camera and uses the DxO Mark scores to rate the image quality.
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One Response to “ Adds A Bunch Of Improvements For Camera Comparisons”

  • I do aerial photography using canon g11.Great for 8×10 picts. Want a better camera for larger prints
    and more resolution for clairity. My work is in northern quebec around 50 latitude.
    I am also doing all the Cree Nations and have 5 more to do this year.My website for that is (

    Thanks for your help

    My new website will be called (Aerial Photography North)

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