A Great Idea For Real Estate Videographers From Heath Cowart

August 17th, 2011

Today Heath Cowart of Brevard, NC told me about a class that he and his brother put on recently for their broker clients. Here is Heath’s description:

The class was called “Mastering the Virtual Face to Face Meeting“. We called it this because we are using video to give brokers an opportunity to communicate face to face with potential clients as well as show their listings.

We know that every time a broker gets in front of the camera it is an opportunity to connect with and impress their audience, or turn them away. So we are looking more closely than ever at what makes an on camera performance a hit or a bomb. Our goal is to bring out an authentic, relaxed and confident performance by the broker so that the viewer will feel connected, begin to trust the broker and listen to what they have to say. We have learned that the authenticity portrayed by the person on camera is key to gaining the trust of the viewer and that many people unknowingly behave in ways that work against this goal.

While I am just beginning in learning this art I am fortunate that my brother is an Acting Coach from Los Angeles, and he has been teaching film acting for the past 15 years. So back when I created my first video with a broker speaking role I called him and showed him the video to ask him for advise. His feedback was so useful that we decided to put this class together.

This class is just the beginning of my education that will continue for years, but already I am beginning to recognize common mistakes that people make when they are on camera and I am seeing an improvement in the real estate videos I am producing.

I thought the class was an original idea and already several other Real estate videographers have contacted me for information about how to put a class like this together.

Wow, what a great idea! This is something that every real estate broker wanting to get into using video would love to have.

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8 Responses to “A Great Idea For Real Estate Videographers From Heath Cowart”

  • Ah-hah! That explains it!

    I have always been impressed by how natural everyone looks in your videos

  • Great work Heath,

    With so many people doing the same kind of video these days you need to separate yourself from the crowd.

    You came up with a unique idea ran with it……it will make you stand out from the others in your area for sure!

  • This is way ahead of the curve on this and are offering something that no-one else has come up with yet.
    Although having a brother in the industry helps keep the cost down, I am also related to people in the industry and have some great contacts as well who could help me get started. Another contact for people without industry contacts that could provide coaches would be the local ASMSP chapter.
    I wonder what was charged per person for this class and do you think it would be viable if you had to pay full price.
    We are in Arizona so flying someone in from LA is not a big deal expensewise. What about people who aren’t close to a major center.
    Also, visited the beautiful clean crisp website and want to complement what you has done and accomplished.
    Its with clean. simple professional sites that we will all be able to raise our profession up the food chain.

  • If anyone wants to put on a class like this one and wants some advise feel free to contact me via email and I will help you out.

  • I LOVE this idea and am already planning a few of these in the Bay area! Thanks, Heath!

  • Thank you Heath. This really is cutting edge stuff. This will help give agents the confidence to pick up the phone, I am sure

  • Great idea. I think you hit it spot on in that you need the broker to be relaxed and confident so viewers trust what they are saying. I think this can help other areas of video as well. For instance, as a videographer, if you try to market Agent Testimonials, it only makes sense that the agent themselves has appeared in some videos that you can show satisfied clients. If the client sees how well the agent is doing, I would think they will be more apt to sit in front of the camera and produce a video testimonial for that agent.

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