Here Is The BallinDowns Final Video From

August 14th, 2011

Recall that we saw a rough prerelease video of this Ballin Downs horse property near Brisbane, AU.

Brett Clements just gave me the link to the final cut of this video. There are a total of three videos used to market this property:

  1. The story (this one)
  2. The straight video
  3. The aerials

First of all the back story on this video. This story is the real deal. A’lysse, the woman in the video, is playing herself and has life threatening medical problems. The audio is done by a professional voice-over artist.

As, I told Brett, tears come to my eyes every time I watch this, particularly with the clip of A’lysse and her three small children in the boat with her. This is one special lady to be able to play herself in this kind of video. Is this good marketing of the home? I think it is. To me this doesn’t feel like a sob story. It feels like a tough young lady simply being honest about facing her situation. I like the ending where she says, “… there you have it. My home, my life, my story.”

Brett and his team just keep getting better and better at this!

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5 Responses to “Here Is The BallinDowns Final Video From”

  • Thanks Larry.

  • From the rough cut to the final cut really tightened up the presentation and story. I immediately noticed the added clips and the additional descriptive narration. I may be missing something but I still don’t get the bonfire at the end. It looks like fence section heaped in a pile and set on fire??
    The quality of the presentation and the narrative are absolutely first class !!
    Thank you Brett and Larry for sharing….and inspiring !!
    Best Regards,

  • Brett, this is a beautiful video presentation for the BallinDowns property. My only question to you is how do you market the videos? This is major concern for us as we are just beginning to break the into real estate video market here in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The marketing end of RE video seems to remain a void for smaller operations such as ours. I guess my primary question is.. after the video is produced how do you advertise it so potential buyers can see it? There must be a way this is done.
    Thanks for sharing your extraordinary work with us.

  • Do you guys really believe this stuff.

    Good marketing perhaps. Doesn’t need to tell all the story does it.

  • Just looked at the presentations. To Jeff. You well know that any sort of advertising requires a certain kind of embellishment. Just look at political advertising. What is portrayed in an advertisement doesn’t have to have the whole story. It’s just a means to an end so to speak. When was the last time a Big Mac looked as good on your tray as compared to what is advertised. I get your drift though.
    Maybe this could be used as a tool to get people in the door to sell other cheaper less attractive properties.

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