Photographic Business Building Advice From Blake Discher of Detroit

August 11th, 2011

Here is a great Webinar,  hosted by and presented by Blake Discher, Detroit-based freelance photographer, specializing in editorial, advertising, annual reports, and portraits.

Even though Blake isn’t talking about specifically about real estate photography, most all of his insights apply to creating a profitable business in real estate photography.

The webinar video is just under 60 mins and for anyone working to find ways to compete and distinguish themselves from their competition I think it is well worth the time.

Blake’s talks about how the amateurization of photography caused by the improvements in camera technology over the last several years have made photography easier than it used to be. The result of this change is that 95% of the working professional photographers in your market can supply the needs of most clients. So you have to figure out how you can stand out from the crowd. Blake goes into examples of ways of standing out from the crowd. Things like, being easy to work with, being a good listener, having good people skills or showing the work on your website that you want to get. He talks about how, if you charge, cheap you will be treated cheap. Also he goes into detail on how to be prepared to talk to your client on that first contact.

I think Blake has a great bunch of insights!

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2 Responses to “Photographic Business Building Advice From Blake Discher of Detroit”

  • Quite interesting, some really good tips and ideas. I was a bit disappointed about the FedEx tip at around 31:00 into the video. I think honesty and ethics are very important in business and I would not feel comfortable lying to a client (no matter how small or harmless the lie) as Blake Discher suggest. For me, knowing that someone is willing to lie about something as simple as pretending that the doorbell is ringing and your’re expecting a FedEx package, is enough to make me question whether that person is willing to lie about other bigger and more important things and I would seriously question doing business with such a person. I’m quite surprised that M. Discher seems to have no problems advertising the fact that he uses this “technique”. Everything else was awesome, very instructive.

    This raises an interesting question and I’d be interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on the matter: Would you lie to a client in order to gain, or avoid losing, a negotiating advantage ?

  • Really enjoyed the webinar and pulled a few pages of notes from it. Like Philippe, I cringe a bit when I hear him talk about the “white lies.” Integrity is a big deal, and hearing him say that we supposedly hear 200 white lies a day doesn’t make me okay with making it 201. Otherwise, lots of valuable info and a quick listen during an edit.

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