I Like Google+ Much More Thank Facebook

August 5th, 2011

Several people have said that they are surprised that I don’t use Facebook. Linda Clements (Brett’s wife) reprimanded me for not having Like buttons on posts and eBook landing pages etc. I know, I know, I’m sure that if I was more active on Facebook that it would generate some traffic but I just don’t feel right in my gut (right-brain) about Facebook. It’s rules keep changing, The noise level (talk about trivia) is high. I have a Facebook account, and accept friend requests and have a PFRE Facebook page but I really don’t spend any time there. It just doesn’t seem like a good use of time.

On the other hand, even though I’ve not done much posting on Google+ it is beginning to grow on me. The thing I like about it is the fact you have some control over who you are talking to. On Facebook it feels like you are talking to a whole auditorium full of people. Maybe I’m weird but if I’ve never met you face to face, I not interested in hearing what kind of drinks you are serving at your BBQ. Whereas, on Google+ I have a circle of people that are real estate photographers and they are all interested in and talking about generally the same thing. It feels much more like real life. I could get more into Google+.

By the way if you are not on Google+ yet and need an invitation just click here to get one out of my allotment of invitations. I think the only way you can get on Google+ right now is get an invitation from someone who is already on Google+.

Update: Whew, this is a popular subject! I gotten so many requests I could hardly keep up by emailing invites. I had to replace the the email request mechanism with the link above. I believe that these Google+ invitations only work with a gmail account.

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11 Responses to “I Like Google+ Much More Thank Facebook”

  • I am happy to see that there is someone who thinks exactly like me about Facebook!
    I also prefer quality over quantity.
    Have a great weekend.

  • You actually can control who sees individual messages on Facebook as well, but it’s about a 4-step process. You have to change the share settings for a status, go to “Other” then a text box appears that can auto-complete “groups” just like circles in Google+. However the fact that sharing controls are front-and-center in the UX on Google+ is why I prefer it, too.

  • I love the video – can relate! I’m wanting to be part of Google+, however, still waiting for my invite from them. Can anyone send me one? 🙂

    I still like FB for a few reasons. It keeps me in touch with many people I used to work with around the globe. I do believe FB fanpages work great for brand awareness if used properly (some page moderators tend to have no social/people skills leading to hide/unlike/no likes at all). I’m happy to have joined a growing, entertaining ‘FB group’ which has lead to lots of useful info/tips and some biz collaboration. Great for communities.

    I dont know if FB will fizzle out and if it does, it wont be soon and I’m definitely looking f/ward to seeing what Google+ does for us all.

  • actually I have my google + and all other google services set up with my hotmail account. My google login is even an @ hotmail ID! So don’t get discouraged or think you need a new email address (even though I have seven for some reason!)

    Feel free to add me to circles if you want.. I dont do much yet on Google + , but imagine I will be doing more as it gets bigger.

  • I like Google + layout and use of photos better than Facebook . For photographers I believe that Google + makes for a better presentation. I am just getting my page up and running and need to post some photos !!
    If anyone needs a Google + invite let me know, happy to help.

  • Here’s an easy way to add your facebook friends to Google +

  • Thanks for the invitation Larry 🙂

  • Larry,
    Thanks for the Google+ invitation. I finally will have some time to set it up and get some photos to share.
    Thanks again, Ron

  • How do people with much stuff on Flickr share it via Google+?
    PS. Thanks for the invitation.

  • @Larry; So if you like it so well, when are you going to add it to your “Share and Enjoy” links?

  • Mike- The Share and Enjoy links are done with a WordPress plugin. I’m not sure the plugin supports G+ yet. If and when the plugin has a update for G+ I’ll add it. There are other WP plugins that support G+ like +1 that I may use.

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