Vimeo Launches Vimeo Pro – This Service Now Allows Real Estate Video

August 4th, 2011

Up until just a few days ago Vimeo’s terms of service did not allow commercial use video. I know, I got my Vimeo account shut down for posting real estate video about a year ago. They just recently launched Vimeo Pro, which is $199/year. My understanding of Vimeo Pro is that you can now host real estate property videos on Vimeo Pro.

A lot of people like Vimeo because it has a nice clean look to it. Vimeo Pro has a nice set of features.

I have to say I have a some confusion about their terms of service because I know of real estate videographers that have been posting real estate video for some time on the current Vimeo Basic and Vimeo Plus service despite the fact that the Vimeo terms of service says “You may not use Vimeo for Commercial purposes” and they canceled my account for posting real estate video. I can only speculate that they are just not consistant at enforcing their terms of service. I’m not bitter… really.

There are some other confusing aspects about and short comings that Koo over at describes.

The bottom line is that $199/year is a pretty good price for what you get with Vimeo Pro. It may not be the best video hosting service but it’s up there with the best.

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5 Responses to “Vimeo Launches Vimeo Pro – This Service Now Allows Real Estate Video”

  • I also had my account randomly and proactively canceled because I had one real estate video in my stream. They deleted all of the other work that I had in my stream because of one practice real estate video. For me it’s too little, too late. I’ll stick with iPlayerHD!

  • I agree, it’s not pleasant getting kicked off an internet service. I also agree that enforcement has not been thorough enough to be evenhanded – justice for all? I was once kicked off Digital Photography Review ( a long time ago) because I used a pop up blocker. It blocked the advertising pop ups that the original owner Phil used to generate income. If you didn’t want the advertising, you didn’t want to see his website. How short sighted, I still wonder how much traffic that cost him? (I’m really not bitter :-).

    Vimeo, for my uses is the best platform out there. As Vincent Laforet pointed out, with Vimeo Pro you know have unlimited commercial opportunities in video presentation. I just wished the Google gave Vimeo the same searchability as YouTube. I like the branding options and complete control over the interface. It’s for the same reasons I think YouTube lacks class and quality. It will be interesting to witness the continuing evolution of video. Best Regards, Ron

  • Same thing here. They deleted about 300 of my videos about 5 years ago. No warning, no notice, no nothing. Everything was deleted permanently. Of course, this was in the early days before there was much video online in general, and very little in the way of commercial. Their terms of service, as were most video sites of the day were muddy as they were still finding their way, etc., but I was very put off by the manner in which it was handled. At least sites such as Blip.TV, Brightcove, Viddler, etc. who did change their TOS had the decency to notify me first before they deleted everything. (BTW, did the same thing to me about 5 months ago… deleted over 1000 videos as well as my account with NO notice whatsoever!) is where I’m staying. Quality is tops, service is tops, and I feel very strong that they actually listen to their customers’ needs and wants.

  • Photobucket did the same to me. All my photos and subsequent links…poof. Who ever reads TOS anyway. A bunch of legal mumbo jumbo. While not a primary use of the account, created nice brochure ads and saved as jpg, uploaded to photobucket. The brochures were ads placed on craigslist and a simple change of the href in the html language. Instead of directing them back to my photobucket account, it sent them to a landing page on my website which was against the TOS.

    About to start with video and iplayer is still the one to beat. Several others, like zenpholio, note “video…coming” but nothing has materialized.

  • It seems like a nice service, but if you get too many views, you’ll have to pay more. The $199/year for Vimeo Pro means your videos can only be played a grand total of 250k times per year. It costs an additional $199 for each 100k extra views. (They also do this with storage – Vimeo Pro includes a grand total of 50GB of storage, and it costs an extra $199/year each to add 50GB chunks of storage.)

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