A Rough Prerelease Property Video From PlatinumHD

July 29th, 2011

Brett Clements sent me a prerelease of a video he is working on. Bret says,

“I’m working on a very different type of real estate video at the moment. I don’t normally show ‘roughs’ but I thought it might be nice for you guys to see how we concept up a piece.”

Brett promised to show us the final too when it is released.

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19 Responses to “A Rough Prerelease Property Video From PlatinumHD”

  • Wow.

  • WOW is Right. This works on both a story telling and real estate level. It tells a story but it also says something about the quality of the property. I mean who doesn’t think they are getting something special when they go to look at the place?


  • Double WOW, if this is the rough I can wait to see finished product!!!!

  • Very well done! It certainly tugs at the emotions without going over the top. Once again, well done!

  • I was going to simply say Wow but 3 people beat me to it. The production quality is amazing, story is powerful, everything about this is first class including my impression of the property and the owner.

  • I’m WOWing alongside you all – well done Brett on subtly introducing us to the owner of the property, alongside her story. Simply beautiful.

  • I think it’s fantastic! I don’t know, however, if I liked the touch on the character’s illness. It felt a little emotionally manipulative and made me wonder if it was a true story or if it was fabricated. I think the footage and story is enough to create an amazing piece without having to go into why she’s selling it. In fact, in most situations, I’m not sure I even want to know why the seller is selling. Just my 2 cents.

  • I tend to agree with Malia, I think it’s enough to mention that she is selling for medical reasons, as opposed to even the horses being unsettled because she shortly won’t be able ever ride anymore. The story is certainly sad, but I’m not sure that I’d get that in to it.

    Having said all that, the video is simply GREAT. First rate, and great visual story telling. I thoroughly enjoyed

    Brett’s production values are always first rate!

  • This has been Bretts team best production by a mile. As far as telling the story of the owners health problems and why the property is up for sale, could it be a way of telling buyers this is going to be a bargin price. Just another way of looking at the story behind the sale. We get told why properties are for sale every day, the 3 “D” death, divorce, dbank….

  • Wow, that’s really wonderful.

    I can only imagine what that production cost, though! And unfortunately I don’t think most properties have a story worth of telling as part of the sales process, but this particular example is still quite an amazing piece.

  • Excellent work, for a rough that is still some of the best production value I have seen. The illness part, hmm… I don’t know, at first I thought it was just going to be mentioned in passing and that would have been fine, but it was more than that. That is what I remember after watching it, not so much about the property. It is a perfectly legitimate premise (assuming its genuine) but maybe there is a way to keep the owner’s very effective narrative intact without her building as much on the reason why she has to sell the property. On the other hand, I suppose some people may make a connection with her story and in the end it only takes one buyer, so who knows…

  • Wonderful video and exquisite shots. Brett is such an inspiration. I love almost everything about it. Although I have to agree with a few comments on the illness. I don’t feel that this makes we want to buy the property more. Sure I want to know more about it and it sort of makes me sad. And one should not be sad about a real estate video. Her loss is my good – I get that but that’s sad too. Real estate is emotional – I don’t think we need to elicit more emotions, especially sad ones. That said, it’s a lovely video.

  • Beautiful high-quality video and property. The sob story is extremely off-putting and distracting , and we don’t even know if it’s true. It wallows in self-pity. Let the beauty of the property sell itself without maudlin interference.

  • Excellent work Brett – as usual. Your productions are like Australian wine – they just keep getting better all of the time. I really enjoyed the video, the story, however the fire at the end was a little disconcerting to me – for whatever reason.

    Rich – I didn’t see this as a sob story at all, I think it took a lot of courage. I didn’t detect any self pity at all. Life, when we honestly admit it – is a struggle. The story establishes why the client is selling such a beautiful piece of property. I would hope that Brett and the agents are sharing the truth, his credibility rides on “truth in advertising”, even if the presentations are very artistic and take a lot of creative license.

    Best Regards,

  • The whole production is a wow. The quality of the images are amazing, I haven’t seen anybody come close to this level yet, other high commercial productions
    Great job Brett, Please let me know if you need a runner for a few months

  • Typically fantastic. The lady is super beautiful too! Rich’s comment is interesting, and in a way I see where he’s coming from, but on the other hand, I assume the objective is to foster a personal bond between the viewer and the property, and whereas beauty and elegance, your typical hallmarks, work wonderfully, I see no reason why a story of personal loss cannot work just as well. In fact, I would argue that it is more effective, not only drawing on a viewers sense of empathy perhaps, but also possessing a sense of intimacy not typically found in most other productions.

  • Beautifully produced and very dramatic without going over the top. Excellent!

  • Thanks guys. The team here always appreciate the compliments. As WE all know, Agents are hard masters. Especially in these times.

    That said Jason Savage was an absolute pleasure to work with, and really gave us a full head of steam.

  • FYI on the concept background: The owner IS selling for medical reasons. ‘Why’ somebody is selling is the second question asked after ‘What’ price, so I believed it was relevant. A’lysse was always going to be the talent – riding the horses. BallinDowns was her dream home and dream property. I spent ten years as a journalist so the ‘why’ is always a big thing for me; the next is to craft a story around it. The reasons came out across the three days of shooting and A’lysse and Jason gave me an OK to write it up.
    I believed it really relative sharing as I thought you could take this idea into your own markets. People’s homes are life stories. There’s no limit to this type of ‘format’.
    But it is a real story. And Ron Rosenzweig is right. We take credibility very seriously. Takes a lifetime to earn and a second to lose. (NEO is fantasy and shock so that doesn’t count). Have a great one.

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