I’ve Survived Lionizing Both of My Macs

July 21st, 2011

For those of you holding back on the upgrade to Lion I thought I’d report that my two upgrades have been reasonably painless. I have a MacBook Pro which I upgraded mid-day Wednesday, the day of the release, and a iMac which I updated overnight Wednesday night.

While I can’t say I’ve really have tested every last thing I have used Photoshop CS5, Lightroom 3, Aperture 3, Indesign CS5.5, FCP X and had no issues.

The problems I’ve had are relatively minor:

  1. The up and down scrolling on Magic Mice works in reverse compared to the way it worked on Snow Leopard. Annoying, but not big thing. I have to re-train my scrolling finger. The way it works now is the way it should have worked all along. I love the Magic Mice and there are more gestures that take advantage of them in Lion.
  2. I had some old PogoPlug software I had to re-install.
  3. I’ve been using a very old version of Dreamweaver 8 that I was forced to update because the old version just wouldn’t work any more. Not surprising, this was a version was from back before Adobe bought Dreamweaver 8, it was so old it had a manual! A paleolithic version.

The new features are nice but they don’t take your breath away. By far the most significant feature is probably all the under the cover infrastructure for iCloud. You don’t see any of this infrastructure yet but it allows developers to start building apps for the future. Having the files you want to use on multiple machines be available without copying is going to be cool!

Having spent most of my life working with network technology, the most impressive part of this version of OS X is the completely network/app store based distribution. Yea, it takes 30 minutes to download but, it’s not all that bad. I can’t imagine the server farm the have for this. Amazingly it all just works!

I’m really impressed with the App Store! The fact that you can purchase an app like Lion, Aperture or FCP X once and then download it on all the Macs you own is HUGE. I believe this will revolutionize all software distribution. After using the app store for a short time I’m loosing interest in purchasing applications any other way. Once you have Lion on a thumb drive, if you loose a hard drive all you do is restore Lion from the thumb drive and then download all your apps from the app store because it remembers all the ones you’ve purchased and lets you download them to any Mac you own. Apple is discontinuing retail software completely and you can now get Adobe Photoshop Elements from the app store. I don’t think it will be long before all Adobe apps will be in the app store.

Update: If you use Carbonite (online backup) be aware that it will not support Lion for several weeks.

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18 Responses to “I’ve Survived Lionizing Both of My Macs”

  • Larry,

    I just upgraded last night and it was pretty painless. DXO, Autopano and PSE have all worked fine for me. The only problem I have had so far are two shutdowns for mysterious reasons. Also, I no longer see my mac in the Finder devices. And I have lost connection to my network from the PC side of the computer, which unfortunately, I had to use tonight. Calling Apple Support on that tomorrow. Looking forward to iCloud.

  • Upgraded the Mac Mini Wednesday with no issues yet. Aperture has crashed a couple times, but I am not going to blame that on Lion (yet). My “old” MacBook was not running Snow Leopard and I am a little hesitant to pay to upgrade to Snow Leopard (to get the App Store) and then upgrade to Lion. $29 was a pretty easy choice, but throw an extra $29 on top of that and I’m pausing. Larry, is there a workaround or do you anticipate a way for non-Snow Leopard users to upgrade to Lion without the double upgrade penalty?

  • Oh, the thumb drive. Note to self: Read entire post first, THEN comment.

  • As a 20+ year veteran of Macs, I’d recommend waiting until the .1 version comes out. A few of my friends have upgraded and they haven’t all been smooth yet. Maybe if you have multiple machines you could try to upgrade one…

    Also, Larry there is a setting to swap the direction of the scrolling so you don’t have to re-train yourself. That tip and more are contained in this super-extensive review of Lion over on ArsTechnica which has enormous, quality reviews of large technologies: and is typically the first and usually only review I’ll read of new technologies.

  • The first thing i did, was to change the way the up and down scrolling works, on both magic mouse and trackpad. – New is bad… 😉
    Now it works excellent!

  • The cloud…. everything in one place, reliance on ‘the cloud’ for everything…we don’t have physical copies anymore…it all comes from the cloud…it’s not a choice…the great data ambilical cord in the sky will feed us all.

    This sounds like steps towards making movies like The Terminator and The Matrix a reality…the clooouuuuuud.

    Sorry for the cynical view, but damn.

  • Good Morning, I upgraded to Lion yesterday and everything went smoothly. Also had to change the way up & down scrolling worked. Knock on Wood, but no problems so far.

  • I read the complete arstechnica review. It makes me not want to update. I don’t like many of the changes. The best line from the review when it comes to talking about Lion is “It marks the point where Mac OS X releases stop being defined by what’s been added. From now on, Mac OS X should be judged by what’s been removed.”

    I am not a big fan of removing or changing core features in a computer. I don’t like many of the UI changes. I also don’t like the new file handing and process management system.

    “Lion will quit your running applications behind your back if it decides it needs the resources, and if you don’t appear to be using them. The heuristic for determining whether an application is “in use” is very conservative: it must not be the active application, it must have no visible, non-minimized windows—and, of course, it must explicitly support Automatic Termination.”

    This is outrageous… a computer should never make an assumption about what you want running and not running.

    I also don’t want my stuff in a cloud somewhere. I would prefer to know on my file system where the file is… or where on a back up disk IN MY HOUSE the file is. I don’t like all these big data farms that “hold” your information for you. I wonder if you can turn the iCloud features off.

    I used to be a huge apple fan and geek from like 1998 when the iMac G3 came out. I even have a next box sitting in my study that I think still works. (Look it up if you don’t know what it is.) I am less in love with them and have been falling out of love with them ever since this recent transition of taking iOS features and porting them to OSX. I feel like if it is not broke don’t update it.

  • @Robert/Aaron- In general you’re be able to control what files use “cloud” storage. All of these network storage schemes like Google Docs, iCloud, DropBox Carbonite backup etc are a connivence and you’re typically not forced to use them. The benefit comes from the fact that if you are forced to be mobile, which most people are these days, you can continue to function if you are away from your desk/office for a day, a week or a month. No one in their right mind puts ALL important files ONLY off site, but putting a copy files central to running your business or your life off site can allow you to be mobile. This can be a huge advantage.

    Even though I have two independent backups of my files, I also use Carbonite to backup offsite. The very best way to go is to have a complete off site backup but having a backup in “the cloud” get you part of the way there.

    As you get more and more files this is an increasing problem… multiple network accessible Drobos at different locations is probably the ultimate solution right now.

  • Pogoplug won’t let you drag and drop from the mounted drive. Hey know the problem, and are working on it.

    Cubic converter doesn’t work at all after apple pulled Rosetta.

  • I really hate the new calendar. I can’t seem to figure out how to change the following:

    – I want the main screen to be the month view but I also want to have the sidebar where I can see a few months out. The old iCal allowed this. I can’t figure out how to change to this view in the new iCal.
    – Double clicking on a day used to bring up the window that allowed you to enter information. Now a double click will allow you to enter an event but then you have to double click to enter the name of the event, click to “set” it, then double click again to pull up the window. When I’m on the phone booking shoots this is really inconvenient.
    – All events default to a full day event. I have to manually uncheck the all day event box to enter the time information. This is really, REALLY annoying me today.

    Does anyone know how to change these options?

  • Mike,
    The price for Lion includes allowing you to install the Lion system on any computers in your home, so you can install on your other Mac no problem. Having said that, you would have needed to make an install disk from the Lion download before you upgrade. Once you run the installer, it deletes the disk image. So you would need the install the Lion system from DVD or flash drive, and then do a clean install on your other system.


  • @Larry I have heard allot about Carbonite from Leo Laport. What do you think of their service overall? I have considered trying that one out.

  • Canon EOS Utility doesn’t work with Lion, you can always use lightroom to import your photos, but it’s something to consider right now for Canon shooters.

  • @Mike – I haven’t had any problems with the EOS Utility software. I just used it yesterday.

  • I get an alert saying:
    Cannot be used with this version of the operating system

  • IM having the same problem “Cannot be used with this version of the operating system”

  • I??e bookmarked, Dugg, and I joined the RSS subscription. Thanks!

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