HDRsoft Releases Photomatix Pro Version 4.1

July 20th, 2011

Just incase you didn’t notice, last Saturday HDRsoft released version 4.1 of Photomatix Pro.

Here is a list of the new features from the site:

  1. Ability to select a region on the Tone Mapping/Fusion preview and replace it with a source photo. A “Selection Mode” option on the Preview window lets users select one or more regions with lasso tools and replace the selected region with one of the source image(s). “Attach to Edges” button automatically adjusts the selection to follow the nearest edges.
  2. Improved automatic ghosting reduction: more ghosts removed and less artifacts.
  3. Addition of Sharpness setting to Fusion/Adjust method.
  4. Improvements to Fusion/Intensive method: several times faster and better results.
  5. Option to exclude perspective correction from alignment by matching features.
  6. “Quick Selection” option added on Selective De-ghosting tool, so that region is automatically marked as ghosted once selected with the lasso tool.
  7. Added option in Preferences not to show the Preset Thumbnails panel when the Tone Mapping/Fusion windows load.
  8. Made double-clicking on sliders reset to default value for the setting.
  9. The Selective De-ghosting dialog now shows thumbnails of source photos in contextual menu for selecting photos at a specific EV.
  10. Implemented custom scrollbar and improved custom sliders and buttons.
  11. Added ability to set the maximum alignment shift.
  12. Added option in Preferences for setting location for temporary files used for processing large files with Details Enhancer in “Preview” mode, or processing relatively large files with Fusion/Adjust.
  13. On Windows 7, the task-bar progress bar now shows during processing.
  14. Added back option to convert raws to pseudo-HDR with Batch Single Photos.
  15. Made it possible to batch process jpeg and tiff files without tone-mapping using Batch Single Photos.
  16. Bracketed images having different width and/or height can now be loaded for HDR processing.
  17. Cosmetic naming and presentation changes on the Details Enhancer Settings Adjustments window.
  18. Updated RAW conversion to support files from the Nikon D5100, Fuji HS20EXR, F550EXR and X100, Olympus E-PL2 and XZ-1, Samsung NX1 and Sony A-290.
  19. Added ability to dock preview settings on the left or right hand side of the application window.
  20. Added option in Preferences to set whether the histogram shows when starting a new tone-mapping session.
  21. Improved mouse wheel support.

In my opinion, Photomatix continues to be the real estate photographers HDR/EF weapon of choice, because it has all the features real estate photographers need. Batch processing, Lightroom and Aperture plugins and probably most significant, it will do tone-mapping (HDR) and Exposure fusion with the very same software. To me the last one essential.

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9 Responses to “HDRsoft Releases Photomatix Pro Version 4.1”

  • I fully agree. Great software that has grown and improved immensely over the years. A “must have”…

  • With Oloneo leading the way with the best HDR software in my opinion, competition amongst these differing technologies, only leads to better products. And that has got to be good for all of us. Will definitely look at this as I have the previous version.

  • Does this support exposure fusion within the aperture plugin? Or do I need to schlep my images out of aperture, open the program itself, fuse them, and then load them back into aperture? Not sure if anyone knows as of right now. Looks like an intriguing update.

  • @Mike- The Aperture & Lightroom plugins work much the same, select the images you want to process, click process in Photomatix, Photomatix processes and put’s the result back in the same folder as the input. The plugins are not new, just updated.

  • All of that and I just abandoned PhotoMatix Pro as my render. I got tired of how much post it requires to get things to look right. I switched to a different program. Finding it processes quicker and also requires less work from render to final product.

  • Larry – currently, in aperture, there is no option in the plugin that supports exposure fusion, which means you need to export, then fuse, then reimport…unless i am completely blind and have been missing this for years, the only option is the regular photomatix tonemap vomit.

  • @Mike- I don’t have the Aperture plugin myself but the download page where you purchase the Aperture plugin ( contradicts what you are saying… it says it has EF.

  • Great work from HDR softies! Just batched some ext shots that look like I saw them standing there.

  • @Robert – Any chance at getting you to share your preferred software? 🙂

    @Others – Anyone compared this to LR/enfuse relating to speed of batch processing and also to work required after blending to reach finished product?

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