A New Video From The Rockstars of Australian Gold Coast Property Video

July 16th, 2011

For regular readers this video needs no introduction, but for those new readers or those of you that may have missed their earlier videos (this one, and this one) that did for Neo Property. A little back story may help appreciate this video. Adrian Jenkins (the boss in the white coat) and Ian Adams of Neo Property are proposing that they are the rockstars of Gold Coast real estate because of their success using very creative video, created by Brett Clements and his team at to get attention for their listings and sell them faster than other properties in a slow Australian market. The 15 Queen Anne Court video got over a million total views (695,000 just on the YouTube hosted version). See Ian Adams’ comments on the sale of 15 Queen Anne Court.

If you have trouble following all the dialog, don’t feel bad, I had to watch this a couple times and ask Brett for a translation, to get it all. Brett says next time they’ll do a subtitled version for the US market.

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3 Responses to “A New Video From The Rockstars of Australian Gold Coast Property Video”

  • These videos are very entertaining.

  • Congratulations to Brett and his crew for another good video that is getting a lot of attention and publicity.

    Hopefully this link works for everyone internationally (sometimes TV stations limit the region their videos play in) but this is a recent segment on Australian morning TV

    If it doesn’t play in the USA I’m sure there will be a YouTube copy somewhere as well.

    The NEO guys gave Brett a nice plug but the segment also shows how well a bit of marketing savvy can help you in a tough market. These agents are claiming to have had about $10 milllion of sales in the last six weeks in one of the worst performing regions currently in Australia.

  • very good. If you had trouble with the dialogue, can only suggest you stop watching so much American TV and see some good British or Australian movies/TV programs.

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