Lightroom Enfuse Plugin Review by Chad Jackson

July 3rd, 2011

I wanted to point out that Architectural Photographer Chad Jackson has a useful review/tutorial of the Donation-ware Lightroom/Enfuse plugin by Timothy Armes.

I’m a big fan of this plugin and did a video tutorial on Lightroom/Enfuse a number of years ago. This plugin has been around since Feb of 2008 and is based on the work by by Tom Mertens, Jan Kautz and Frank Van Reeth. The biggest strength of Enfuse image processing is that it gives a very realistic rendering of interiors from bracketed images just like you would shoot for use with the HDR process.

Chad’s review/tutorial and website demonstrates the quality of work it’s possible to do with Enfuse.

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8 Responses to “Lightroom Enfuse Plugin Review by Chad Jackson”

  • I can’t live without this plugin/Enfuse. In many cases I shoot with strobes and also shoot exposure blends. Sometimes I even blend the strobe images with the blends. Great results and a massive time saver.

  • I agree. Enfuse is perfect for RE work!

  • Picked up a few tips. Thank you. I’m with Ian and Mark above.


  • Hi all,

    I’m using Photomatix and am wondering what type of difference I would see if I switched over to Enfuse. I currently am not using any lighting, just multiple exposures.


  • I use Enfuse daily & couldn’t do without it. I listened to Larry & started adding some off camera flash to each bracketed exposure (9 with Nikon D700). The flash really helps overcome color temperature issues…I get very natural results with awesome dynamic range….

  • How do you add flash exposures to the bracketing? Do you add it each each exposure or select exposures? What determines the power setting of the flash?

  • Great question Bob.. I’d like to know that answer to that as well.

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