Communicate Based on What You Believe

June 11th, 2011

I want to pass along a TED video by Simon Sinek from a couple of years ago because it has some powerful ideas in for anyone creating and building a business.

I think it is especially relevant to photographers and cinematographers that because this limbic brain that Simon is talking about, that makes decisions but doesn’t use language is what processes visual images.

I’m sure there are other important interpretations of these concepts for real estate photography but I just watched this video and I’m still processing it.

I found this video on my friend Markus’s site ( Markus is has been giving me advice on blogging the last couple of years. Markus’s advice has been invaluable in building the PFRE blog. Two years ago he found the .com PhotographyForRealEstate domain for me and snagged it for me. This weekend he noticed that the way I had the .com domain forwarded to this .net domain was dragging down PFRE’s Google juice. He helped me fix the problem.

Markus and a partner have just recently launched a site called that those of you that use HDR would probably be interested in.

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7 Responses to “Communicate Based on What You Believe”

  • Love it!

  • Thanks for this great video. very inspirational. I really need to work on the why .
    Also love the website !
    Full of great info . Nice post .Thanks

  • @Brandon- Thanks for the great comment! Also thanks for the feedback.

    Even though I am absorbed almost completely in doing this blog and publishing the eBooks I sell here, I talk to hundreds, probably thousands of real estate photographers all over the world so let me answer partly for myself and partly interpreting the why that I see others coming into real estate photography.

    Real estate photography allows one to be creative in the visual arts and photography in particular and to earn a living being your own boss. There aren’t very many endeavors that allow this and allow you to do it almost anywhere. It works much better some places than others but generally works every where.

  • Hey Larry,

    I’ve been meaning to post up again, but I’ve been busy lately. I’m actually reading your book right now and I’ve got some questions for you.
    Feel free to answer briefly in another comment, but my questions will hopefully inspire a new post.
    First, thanks for responding to my previous comment! I hope this works everywhere… especially Kansas City!

    My question is about equipment. I use Canon everything and I’m looking to purchase a handful of flashes to get started in the next level of real-estate photography and start making mistakes (from which I intend to learn).

    The flashes described in the eBook with flash-activated slave capabilities are difficult to find in reasonable condition now… maybe I’m not looking hard enough or in the right places. Feel free to prove me wrong. 🙂

    The best alternative, as outlined in your book, is to use the Wizard system, which I plan to purchase. The only problem is I can’t afford a bag full of 580EX or 430EX flashes or the Nikon equivalents… yet.
    Do you have any experience with Bower brand flashes? They’re dirt cheap and have some great reviews on B&H, even though some seem amateurish.

  • ^^edit^^

    Sorry for the rapid-fire post. I found a couple SB-80dx flashes on eBay in acceptable condition.
    However, I’m still curious about Bower flashes…

  • Larry, Thanks for posting this video. It’s really great to think about, especially as one is thinking about raising prices when there is a huge Obeo presence in the local market. It is making me think about how best to put into words the “why.”

    @Brandon. As a sculptor/photographer I am doing this because I really want to raise the level of professionalism in real estate listings. I think if we can all encourage better images the real estate industry will continue to improve the marketing of homes.

    I’m still reworking out my 60 second commercial….and I’ve been doing this for 6 years.

  • Nina says: Thank you so much for bringing this speech by Simon Sinek to our attention.
    We thought he was so good that we bought his book!

    I responded: Book? OMG, I had no idea he has a book… How naive of me, should have known. This is such a powerful and important message there must be a book behind it. I’m on it! Thank you!

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