Maintain Business Relationships With Drip E-mail

June 7th, 2011

Sherry Keenan, of St. Petersburg, FL told me to day that the real estate photography business in St. Petersburg area is going very well and she has over 100 business cards of agents that she has made personal contact with and wants to start a drip email campaign to keep in contact with these agents that she has made personal contact with. Sherry wanted me to recommend a good email newsletter service.

Great idea Sherry, this is exactly the marketing approach you want to use to build and maintain your business:

  1. Create new relationships with potential clients via face-to-face, personal contact.
  2. Maintain and nurture those relationships with a drip email campaign.

In past posts I’ve given a couple of examples of how to do this and how effective it is. See the posts, here and here.

It’s important to understand that you want to use a e-mail newsletter service for this kind of emailing. Don’t try to do it with your standard email reader. Email newsletter sites let you import an email list, build good looking newsletters and let people on your email list opt-out if they choose and most give you statistics on how many recipients click on your links, open the email, etc. There are many of these services but one of my favorites is MailChimp has most of the standard features that you need in a email service and for the kind of volumes of email that most real estate photographers are likely to use it’s free. That is if your mailing list is less that 1,000 subscribers and you sent out less that 12,000 emails per month MailChimp it’s free. How’s that for a deal?

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4 Responses to “Maintain Business Relationships With Drip E-mail”

  • Newsletters work for both Realtors and Photographers. As a real estate agent and photographer, I can tell you that I rarely give a piece of junk mail a look, but I do look at my e-mails from new sources (especially if there are photos). I wouldn’t over do it though. Once or twice a month is enough.

  • Oh no, this is one day too late!

    After spending an hour trying to get an Automator bulk email script to work on a Mac just so I could send an email that addressed the agent by their name, and failing miserably (apparently after much googling this Automator action doesn’t work too well). I should have just done it on a PC!

    I wish I had seen this though, it looks great and it is free.

    I agree with Dylan that blindly sending off hundreds of emails doesn’t work that well, but I had just wanted to send out some information to agents in my area, all of whom I have already met personally and done work for, this would have been perfect.

    I’ll keep it in mind though to send out news next time.

  • @Charles- By belief is that you only want to send drip email to existing clients and potential clients that you have met face to face. Email is NOT good for creating relationships but it IS good for maintaining relationships.

  • Mail Chimp is a great service. I started using them a few years ago before I went full time for myself. Their system was way ahead of Constant Contact at the time. Haven’t used them recently.

    A word of caution for any email newsletter service, though: Be sure that your list has opted-in, and keep records of their opt-in. MC will track it for you with new sign-ups, but make sure to keep records if you load a list yourself. Loading emails off of business cards without permission will get you in trouble quickly, and may get you blacklisted for spamming.

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