Do Your Tours/Galleries Look Good on All Platforms?

June 2nd, 2011

Estella Sneider showed me one of her recent shoots that she shot for Mauricio Umansky of the Umansky Group in Los Angeles/Beverly Hills.

I noticed that Estella’s tour is built around Slideshow Pro Director which nicely handles the issue of universal access. That is, making sure your tour/gallery looks good on Flash and non-Flash platforms.

Many website galleries and tours these days haven’t been updated to look good on iPads and iPhones. Some sites/tours have been updated to show something, but the fix is quick and dirty and doesn’t look as good as it could. Estella’s tour (believe the tours are done by the Umansky Group) demonstrates that there is no excuse for not having tours and galleries that look great on platforms that have Flash and on those that don’t. It takes some HTML coding talent to brand Slideshow Pro Director slide shows but anyone can use them without branding.

Have you checked to see how your tours/galleries look on non-flash devices?

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7 Responses to “Do Your Tours/Galleries Look Good on All Platforms?”

  • Great info, I havent checked them out lately. I could be wrong but I believe you will need to purchase their “Director” package (either a hosting account from them or install on your server along with necessary add-ons) for this to function on iproducts. It seems my linux server isnt compatible in which case I would have to have them host my slideshows, not a big deal, it only costs $5 or less per month. My problem would be integrating their system into my presexisting admin for editing tours. Im pretty sure I would have to have one login to edit the slideshow (via director) and then another to edit the site around the slideshow. That said, they have been doing slideshows since I started looking for one in ’08. Their product is tight and seems to be updated regularly, if you dont have a pre-existing platform this could be an easy way into great looking tours.

    Does anyone know of a slideshow platform that just works with most devices, it just seems there must be something a little more simple. Maybe skip flash and just use html5 altogether. Im considering going to an all video format with thumbnails that link to keyframes in the movie. It seems a movie format (h.264) would easily cross platforms as well as supporting future ventures as dslrs become dvslrs.

  • hah you already said they needed “director” oops

  • SSP Director is genius. The hosting makes it simple, you can mod the .fla files to taste and the mixing and matching of hosted slides is useful.
    I deploy slideshows over 10 sites with just a bit of code.

    I al found the Oqey Gallery gives your images the layer of protection in Flash and it serves up iOs compatible slides at the same time.


    Mashable said yesterday that Youtube is the worlds second largest search engine.

    My group may be turning the ship toward Video slides for SEO reasons…iOs also likes Youtube.

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  • I just went through all this stuff this past week. And, no, h.264 is not cross platform supported.
    What I ended up doing is this: h.264 for those that speak native h.264 (ipad, chrome, ie9, safari, android). Flash player for h.264 for those that speak flash (mozilla, firefox, ie7 & 8).

    You can try it out:
    Let me know if it doesn’t work on your browser. It’s a h.264 mp4 video slideshow.

  • I am using sideshow director pro also. Been very pleased with the results. The cross platform compatibility is great. Just make sure to enable it. I create a stand alone tour and a “virtual flier” for the agents. (this is the tour they would link on their flier) (this is a “virtual flier” that i post on my blog for them.

    I actually like the mobile version of the interface vs the flash version. It is much nicer to swipe the pictures then to just watch a sideshow.

  • @Steve

    Im confused…… you say H.264 (.mp4) is not cross platform supported and then proceed to say how you used it cross platforms?

    Actually yes…..H.264 (.mp4) is cross platform supported, you simply use a player that plays it on all platforms like JW Player or Video JS. The player simply plays it as HTML 5 for non flash users and as flash for systems that have flash installed.

    Any flash player from version 9+ (I think) can play H.264 (mp4) and it is the recommended output for most videos these days.

  • @chris- Sorry, h.264 is not natively cross platform, as in built in to all the browsers. That’s why I used a flash player to play h.264 in a couple of browsers. IE 7 & 8 and firefox don’t natively support h.264. So the flash player will take care of those browsers. Although flash players won’t work on iOS. Hence html5 for iOS. And now I hear that chrome is moving away from h.264.

    So I used a flash player to play h.264 on the browsers that won’t play it natively, while using html5 to play it natively on the other platforms that will.

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