A Copy Of Lighting Interiors eBook Delivered To USS Leyte Gulf At Sea Off Pakistan

May 15th, 2011

Last week I got a request from Fire Control-man First Class, Robert Kendzierski aboard the USS Leyte Gulf (CG-55), a Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser conducting air defense and anti-piracy operations off the coast of Pakistan and Somalia in the Arabian Sea, with the US 5th fleet. Since Robert is a photographer, when he’s not deployed, chasing Somalie pirates or defending US aircraft in Operation Enduring Freedom (the Afghan War), he said he would really like to get his hands on a copy of Lighting Interiors but shares a slow, satellite Internet connection with 300 other shipmates. The last 8 meg download he did took 20 hours.

The standard Lighting Interiors distribution file is 20 meg so I created a special minimum size version and then chunked it up into three different 2 meg and built Robert a special download page that had links to the three files. A few hours later Robert was heavy into Interior Lighting with small flash. eBooks work out better than hardcopy for Robert. The last time someone send him a package it took 65 days to find him. Not surprising when you are moving fast taking care of a lot of business. Note that the USS Leyte Gulf was one of the US vessels involved in the incident with Somali pirates after they captured the US flagged yacht named Quest.

Robert describes his photography business as follows:

When I am not deployed I shoot frequently for three local advertising websites and shoot on location or at my location. I intend to continue shooting portraits, studio work, commercial, and weddings but since I have moved around due to the military I have always noticed very poor quality photos while searching for houses online. I am a firm believer that pictures sell, and while searching for homes I would get turned off at the websites that had poor quality point and shoot photos that really didn’t show the property as it really is. I intend to also add real estate to my services as living in a military town there is a high property turn over as personnel are always leaving and coming. With the majority of the incoming families coming from another part of the United States or even overseas, quality photography will not only help the families with finding a home, it should help the property owner sell quicker. We generally get 10 days of housing hunting leave before we transfer and some families look for YEARS for a home to buy, We are allowed 10 days so the internet is our saving grace in trying to find that perfect home to transfer too for the next 3-5 years or retire in when our career is up.

Best of luck Robert with your move into real estate photography. In the mean time, thank you for your service and stay safe!

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6 Responses to “A Copy Of Lighting Interiors eBook Delivered To USS Leyte Gulf At Sea Off Pakistan”

  • Robert;
    Thank you for your service. I know the experiences you have had will serve you well in whatever niche of photography you decide to pursue. Good luck and GOD speed.
    Dan Berry PH3 USNR

  • Robert, I’m pleased beyond words to hear about this. Thank you for your service, and I wish you all the best with your photography! Hope to see your work soon,

  • Robert, I can relate you your internet problems. I was a company 1st Sergeant during the first Gulf War. I had to drive 20 miles at 0400 hrs (4:00 AM) to the only dial up connection within a couple of hundred miles just to upload and download Email for my soldiers. I had to hold my hand over the handset of the phone until the connection was made. It was hit & miss with being able to establish a connection.

    Thank you for your commitment, service & the sacrefices you endure everyday. Come home safe!
    Kerry Bern, 1SG, U.S. Army Retired

  • Larry
    Bob…..keep up your efforts, sure enough any chance to see yr efforts out in the “open ocean”………have most definitely given themselves an opportunity to see another life somewhere that most “comfortable humans” actually don’t ever get to see.
    Or….frankly get the chance to exp/visualise what it takes…..plse keep up the good work.

  • Robert…thanks for your service coupled with the exceptionally long days during any deployment, but particurally in the Indian Ocean off Africa. Great to hear your interest in RE lighting and the immediate thought was the opportunitie to learn and practice on board the ship. Even if not sharable with us for security reasons, it is a phenominal environment to learn and gain high quality keepsakes as part of your Navy memories. Obviously is part of your military MOS, taking it to a higher level. Assuming you are not a Marine aboard ship, pardon me with the phrase, but when you are ready to leave the Navy, you are preparing your photography and yourself to “hit the beaches running.”

    Couple weeks ago I met a former military photographer who was now Chief of PR at the VA Hospital.

    Good luck and godspeed.

    Larry Gray, former Capt USAF

  • Thanks for all the great comments. This book has really solidified my thoughts of real estate photography and I do believe it will help me in my future gigs in real estate photography. Now, I just need to get back home and practice, practice, practice. Scott has written a GREAT book for the novice through expert photographer that would like to pursue a Real Estate side of photography!! Thanks Larry and Scott!!! Thanks to all who have sent me messages through my website and the ones who have posted here.

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