Congratulations PFRE Photographer of The Month for April: Jasmine Mak

May 2nd, 2011

Congratulations to Jasmine Mak who won the voting in the PFRE Photographer of the month flickr group for April. Jasmine’s image won the vote with 7 votes. There was a tie for second place between Scott Basile of San Diego and Lorenzo Vecchia of Barcelona. There was also a tie for third place between Eric Lucero, Matt Waclo.

Jasmine says:

Sorry about the late reply. I’ve been slowly catching up with my emails after a recent hospital stay.

I am a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.  After graduating from a photography course in 2008, I worked as a photographer and photography assistant, taking on fashion, advertising, product and wedding/portrait shoots. About a year ago, I landed a full time position as the in-house photographer at a local real estate agency.  Things that I learned assisting a meticulous product photographer were a great help to photographing properties.  As with product photography, I am always on the look out for any features that might make a property special, whether it’s the open spaces, a great view, fireplace, well-designed fixtures, etc.

Much of the work I do for this agency involves apartments in or close to the city.  As most of these properties are too small for me to bring in lights, I shoot bracketed frames for exposure fusion and use 1 flash to fill. In recent months, I have also started taking on some freelance jobs for a local photography studio that specialise in real estate photography.

This shot was taken from the first shoot I did for this studio. To draw attention to the high ceiling and ample bench space in the kitchen area, we took the shot from a higher angle.  I did 4 exposures for this frame, then took them to Photomatix to process the exposure fusion.  I then took the resulting image to Photoshop to correct for slight perspective distortion and did a colour correction to ensure that the whites were a nice clean white.  A blue sky has also been masked in to draw attention to the high windows.

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  • Congrats Jasmin. Beautiful homes, beautiful images. Such great lighting control.

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