Amazon Apologizes for and PFRE eBook Download Problems

April 29th, 2011

From the HuffingtonPost: It’s been more than a week after Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service went down, taking sites like Reddit, Quora and Foursquare with it. Amazon is finally issuing an apology and in-depth explanation on how and why the cloud service failed so spectacularly. Read the whole article here.

This was the same outage that took down and disrupted PFRE Media eBook downloading for about 18 hours on April 21 and 22. I checked out YouTube to see if there was a video of Jeff Bezos’ apology statement but instead ran across this recycled Hitler downfall video. I couldn’t resist passing it on. It doesn’t seem to matter what new subtitles people put on this video, it still turns out being funny.

My apologies in advance to any German speaking readers that don’t find this so funny.

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