Real Estate Agents and Offices Need More Than Just Property Video

April 27th, 2011

Allan MacKenzie was showing me an infomercial video that he did recently about an iPad 40 day promotion that a real estate office in Brisbane was offering. The budget was $700, the video is 45 sec’s in length. Allan dropped in the video that displays on the iPads with an effect called garbage matte and in some scenes the actors were sped up in post to add fun with the theme of the soundtrack provided by the office. The talent was real estate agents dressed up as a couple and the agents are playing themselves.

Allan had a pre-production meeting to plan the shoot locations, script and plot, then the shoot which took around 1.5 hrs to shoot at 3 locations in close proximity to each other and approx 1.5 hrs to edit. Allan has a behind the scenes video that shows some of the production workflow posted here on flickr.

With this video you get a view of how Allan is using that we covered back in early March. This particular video is just one video in the real estate video section that Allan has on is screening room page. Allan has become a big fan of hosting.

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One Response to “Real Estate Agents and Offices Need More Than Just Property Video”

  • Video was great quality. I just wonder what the customers had to do to receive the ipad.

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