A New Property Video By Malia Campbell

April 19th, 2011

Malia Campbell just stopped Salem by on her 15 hour drive up I-5 from Oakland to Seattle this evening and we discussed real estate photography, property video and enjoyed some Thai food.

I was telling Malia that I really liked the video that she is doing lately. I especially liked the video she shot while she was down in Oakland this last week (6201 Ascot Drive). I noticed it when she tweeted about it yesterday before she left Oakland.

I like this video first of all because it is short (1:33) yet visually very strong. I think she has captured a wonderful series of shots with soft elegant light. I also like the narration. Not just music, but narration with a slight music background. I especially like the two shots across the glass tables towards the glass doors to the deck. Wonderful light! I also like how she has mixed in closeup decorator shots sparingly. In particular the move across the flowers with the room in back at 1:14 to 1:18 is really striking.

Nice work Malia, keep up the great shooting!

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17 Responses to “A New Property Video By Malia Campbell”

  • Surperb work Malia, congratulations! You are an emerging leader in this field of video for real estate and your work is an inspiration for those who work in it, or who are beginning.

  • Great video! Just curious, in order to make such a nice and compact video, were there parts of the home left out, or was it a smaller home in general? Did you consciously want to make it under 2 minutes, or it just happened to be that way?

    We try to convince our clients to make shorter videos and only focus on the key rooms, but we have been getting resistance to that idea – they want all the rooms (aside from the unfinished ones, laundry etc…,) and our video size always hovers between 3-5 minutes.

    Great stuff!

  • Why don’t you photograph the front of the house?

  • Thanks so much Larry and Allan! I’m having so much fun creating these videos!

    Brad – My “Standard Property Video” is designed to be up to 90 seconds and, frankly, I think most houses can be told in about 90 seconds (unless you’re doing something more involved a la Brett Clements). I give clients the option to go longer (Mid-Range Property video is up to 3 minutes and my Estate Property Video is more than 3 minutes) but there aren’t many properties that really need that.

    I think the key is to be upfront about what you’re creating and who you’re creating it for. If you’re working with a client that wants every nook and cranny shot then you need to evaluate whether that’s the type of video you want to create. I don’t want to do that and if I receive that inquiry I’ll either explain what is it that I’m doing and/or refer them to a different photographer.

    John – It’s rare that I’ve found a front exterior that works with my vision. I know that sounds all “condescending photographer” but I justify it in two ways: 1) see above. It’s just not important to what I’m creating. 2) There will be a front exterior photograph in the listing photos so if someone really needs to see the front exterior, it’s available to them.

  • Very nice work Malia, inspiring!

  • Malia, I think your still photos look amazing! Can I ask what type technique you use for them? I don’t see any shadows at all from flashes..and as an HDR..well you are GREAT at HDR if that’s what they are.

    If they are HDR..what software do you use and how many shots are they usually?

    Thanks and love your work!.

  • Malia, are you using lights in these videos?

  • Jared – Thanks so much! Most of the stills in my portfolio are shot with flash. If you look at my Interiors porfolio there may be a few remaining from my HDR days but all of my recent work is with flash. When I was doing HDR I used Photomatix and always shot 3 exposures. If you’re really interested in HDR/Exposure Blending check out Enfuse. There’s a lot of great work being done with Enfuse.

    Jonathan – All of my videos are shot with ambient light.

  • Malia-
    2 things on an otherwise superb video: 1. The white balance seems off a little in some of the shots, and 2. it appears that you’ve got the contrast set way down so that you could try to minimize the blowout of windows. But it doesn’t seem quite right on the inside, just a little too little contrast perhaps? Otherwise, the movements were great (slider?) and the feel was wonderful. Look forward to the next one!

  • Terrific job and your particular creative vision is spot on! What’s not to love? Agree with everything Larry and Allen said with one exception – the voice. It’s probably just me, but the script is great. Before you create the video, do you visit the home and create a storyboard? I’d love to know a little more about your process before you actually shoot the video. I also think you picked the perfect time to shoot for that glorious light…

  • Photography For Real Estate » A New Property Video By Malia Campbell…

    I like this video first of all because it is short (1:33) yet visually very strong. I think she has captured a wonderful series of shots with soft elegant light. I also like the narration. Not just music, but narration with a slight music background. I…

  • That was amazing! Well done!!!

  • Malia – This is an awesome video. Very well done. I’m looking forward to the next.

  • Nice images, but I’m still not sold on video. It seems more like a showcase of chotchkies, flowers, accessories and things that don’t matter in real estate. What does matter are the rooms, the exterior (no exterior? No front of the house?) Looks more appropriate for a stager, not to offer more information to a buyer considering the purchase of a home.

  • @ Marcy,

    The point of property videos is not to present dry information to a buyer. Just like good still photography, it’s meant to stimulate interest, and make the viewer want to go see the property in person. Sizzle, not steak. Steak is raw bloody flesh — YUCK! Sizzle is a cookout.

    The other (and in my opinion, bigger) reason to do video has nothing to do with selling the house – it’s to impress sellers and enhance the brand of the realtor.

  • Some people will “get it.” Some people won’t.

  • What was your shutter speed and fps? The video is excellent….just a bit choppy.

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