An Alternative For Slideshow and Video Hosting

April 18th, 2011

John Quarles, of Birmingham, AL who is on a quest for the best way to host his property videos pointed out to me last week that the Director hosting is a very useable and inexpensive way to host property video and slide shows that you want viewable on any computer or mobile device.

This is a video of John’s that is hosted on It’s noteworthy that this video is progressive (adapts to the bit rate of the target device) viewable on all mobile devices. And although it is not HD, it looks pretty respectable. The hosting account cost $49/year and has no bandwidth limits. John created this video in iMovie at 720p and then used Handbrake (free video utility) to transcode the output of iMovie to the encoding required for SlideshowPro.

The way works is you upload your slideshow or video to your account and then copy some embed code from your account and paste it into any website that you want to use your slide show or video.

Here is a slide show that I just created. Again the significant feature of these slide shows and video is they are viewable in Flash where Flash is available and degrade to Javascript on platforms that don’t have Flash. This is exactly what you want to make your slide shows and galleries visible and look their best everywhere.

I should warn you that using involves cutting and pasting HTML to embed the slide show or video where you want it. It’s not hard but it’s also not completely “turn-key” like some other hosting solutions. The other issue that always comes up with SlideShowPro is if you want branding, and all the other traditional things that go along with tours you have to do that yourself with some HTML surrounding the slide show or video.

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4 Responses to “An Alternative For Slideshow and Video Hosting”

  • Great timing on this one Larry, as last week I made the transition on my site, changing everything over from the standalone slideshow pro player to having everything hosted on their servers and embedded using slideshow pro director. I have to say that even though it took forever to upload every album to their servers, it was the best decision I have made, streamlining my workflow and making my site faster, as their servers are better suited to hosting show content than mine.

    I would like to add one comment about the HTML side of the process. My developer and I created a nifty workaround that involves permanently encoding most of the embed code into my website, while leaving one bit out. The variable that gets left out is the album id #. All I have to do when I upload a new album to slideshow pro director is have a quick look at the album id and then paste it into my own website’s admin panel when I’m doing the write up for the new listing. This way, whenever someone views a show, the page loads the album id images from slideshow pro director. No more Dreamweaver, no more FTP – I love it.

  • Larry, I tried disabling Flash to see the Javascript player but got nothing.

  • @David- I think it does a test for a IOS browser to decide to use javascript so turning off Flash probably won’t make it switch to Javascript.

  • I just viewed the link on it on my Android phone and it worked great. It posts a mobile poster with the exterior shot and “View Gallery”. When clicked, it opens up a slideshow that loads amazingly quickly, at least for my phone. I’m just getting started providing virtual tours and I think this might be a winner. Does anyone have experience comparing the SlideShowPRo Lightroom plug-in to SSP Director?

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