Apple Announces Final Cut Pro X At NAB Supermeet

April 13th, 2011

Last night in Las Vegas at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) convention, Apple announced Final Cut Pro X. This announcement is a big deal for FCP users since FCP hasn’t had a major update in 2 years and the current version is still 32 bit and doesn’t take advantage of Snow Leopards’ 64 bit architecture. The video on the right is part 1 of an hour of the announcement presentation. This is part 2. Here is a brief summary of FCP X features:

  • FCP X will be available sometime in June 2011.
  • FCP X will be downloadable from the Mac App store.
  • Final Cut Express will be discontinued.
  • FCP X will be $299. The primary reason for this price drop (Final Cut Studio currently is $999) is due to the fact that many specialized components now included in Final Cut Studio will be available independently but the pricing for those components is not currently avaiable.
  • FCP X is apparently redesigned and recreated from the ground up and the interface, characterized by those that have seen it, is like iMovie on steroids.
  • Fully color managed based on ColorSync.
  • Many other user interface improvements.

Apple’s presentation last night was a preview. I’ve not seen anything written by anyone that actually has there hands on the product. The reaction from the crowd at the presentation was very positive but as usual the devil is in the details. The bottom line is that this new price point of $299 means Apple is changing their marketing strategy for Final Cut Pro. So if you are a Mac user that is about to get into real estate video production you may want to take a closer look at FCP X before you purchase video editing software.

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6 Responses to “Apple Announces Final Cut Pro X At NAB Supermeet”

  • It is a very interesting pricing strategy but I think when you add all the other components to the Studio suite the price won’t be too much different to what it currently is.

  • @Charles- Perhaps, but I think the point is not everyone needs all the features.

  • That’s true, for RE the core component of Final Cut X may be all you need.

    I was tempted to try out Final Cut Express but everything I read suggested that working with the footage from HDSLRs wouldn’t work.

    At this price of $299, it is only a little more than Premiere Elements but will have lots more functionality.

    Looks pretty good for RE!

  • Why would the footage from HDSLRs not work with FCE, Charles? I bought FCE when I ordered my Mac a year ago (despite it coming with iMovie). I haven’t played with it yet though, and I’m trying to decide which program to learn. iMovie 09 seems like a step backwards in terms of ease of use and FCE looks very intimidating to learn.

    A fusion of (the old version of) iMovie’s user-friendliness and FCE’s functionality looks ideal!

  • @Charles- Malia Campbell uses FCE for HDSLR (5DMkII) quite successfully.

  • Larry, I asked Malia about it and she said she was using iMovie.

    Maybe Final Cut Express can do it but considering the FCP users have to go through the whole transcode process before editing I was just going to wait and see what the new version could do.

    Like Nick though I hate the latest version of iMovie. I will use it to do color balance on some clips and on a Mac it is a lot smoother than Premiere Elements, but for general editing I find it very clumsy.

    This version of Final Cut looks very promising so I’m happy to wait just a few more months!

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