Welcome John Durrant To Real Estate Photography Blogging

March 29th, 2011

I’d like to welcome John Durrant of the UK and his Property Photography Blog to real estate photography blogging. John is a long time property photographer in the UK that also has a business in post processing photos for estate agents (that’s UK for real estate agents) called Doctor-Photo.

John says, “I’m on a one-man-mission to get the UK estate agency industry to wake up to the fact that they’re in the business of marketing property; and I point out that they’re the only industry in the world that’ll try to sell a product worth £150k (average value of a UK property) with a compact camera and no idea how to use it!

Hear, hear! John and I have the same passion! John and I agree that both the UK and the US is far behind AU and NZ when it comes to property photography. There is much that photographers in the US and UK can learn from watching what photographers in AU and NZ are doing.

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2 Responses to “Welcome John Durrant To Real Estate Photography Blogging”

  • Amen to that! When describing my business to friends I always say that if one is looking to drop $50,000 on a new vehicle and visits the Ford website to browse their wares, they won’t see cell phone images of new trucks, why? Because they have a marketing department that does their job. What many agents don’t realize is that they ARE the marketing department, and the images that they place online for the world to see have to justify the cost of the home – but in many cases the images do the opposite.

    Amen again!

  • I’ve sold 3 listings this year within days, and with offers over the appraised price- All due to the photos. Almost all buyers are searching the internet for real estate. Photos are the most important part of advertising a house. And if a agent uses a photographer, its easy to get listings!

    Welcome John!

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