Free Guide to Using Photography in Real Estate Marketing Available

March 28th, 2011

I’ve revised, updated and expanded my free Guide to Using Photography in Real Estate Marketing For Realtors and Home Sellers.

This is the third edition of the two page guide that I first released in June of 2009. It’s purpose is to help everyone educate agents on why photography is important for marketing real estate.

I’ve made several changes:

  1. I’ve added a list of 8 key articles on the subject of real estate photography. The PDF has direct links to the articles.
  2. Because I’ve expanded it beyond what can be reasonably compressed into two pages I gave up the two page constraint and changed the font so it was more readable.
  3. I made the photos larger.

I’ve added a download link for this new edition to the Realtor Photo Guide page where all the past versions are. Thanks to everyone that has given input and updates on this including Andrey Khrolenok who translated the last version into Russian. I’ll put a Word file out there with the PDF so if anyone else is inclined to translate it into their favorite language they can.

As with all the previous editions this is released as Creative Commons so you can do anything you want with it except sell it.

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2 Responses to “Free Guide to Using Photography in Real Estate Marketing Available”

  • Thanks Larry. I appreciate all your hard work on the revised edition.

  • Very cool, Larry. Thanks for making this available. I learn something new on PFRE all the time.

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