Announcing An Update To The Business Of Real Estate Photography eBook

March 13th, 2011

I’ve just finished a significant update to my Business of Real Estate Photography eBook.

For existing subscribers to this eBook, I’ll be sending out download links in the next few days to everyone that has ever purchased this eBook. The download link will go to the e-mail address you used to originally purchase this book.

For prospective new subscribers to this e-book, I’ve reduced the purchase price for just this e-Book to $19.95. The price of purchasing both this Business eBook and the Photography For Real Estate eBook is still the same ($44). My reasoning for dropping the price on this eBook is that I want to make it easier for new real estate photographers to their hands on this business information. I find that for creative people the business and marketing aspects of being in business for yourself are the biggest challenge.

What’s New in This Edition?

  1. I’ve reformatted this eBook into a horizontal format that makes it easier to read on horizontal oriented computer monitors yet still works well for printing. I’ve done surveys on this subject in the past and this horizontal format is the most popular. I believe that horizontal is the best approach for laying out PDF eBooks.
  2. I’ve gone into much greater depth in the area of pricing and I’ve included a CostToShowUp.xls spreadsheet to help people see how to make sure their price is recovering their expenses and they are paying themselves a good wage. Pricing seems to be a challenge for most people starting out. I’m finding there are WAY to many people that just don’t charge enough. My purpose with this expanded pricing chapter is to help people get to the right price right from the beginning.
  3. Finding the the right customers that can and will pay for your services is another business problem that people are struggling with. I go into more detail on why most real estate agents won’t purchase your services. I show you how to find the agents that are likely to pay for good real estate photography.
  4. I’ve added more detail on marketing yourself and your services. This is another area that is difficult for real estate photographers.

By goal with this eBook is to create the very best real estate photography business plan I can that can be used by either new photographers in this field to get started or by those already in the field to help find their way through problems they are having.

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4 Responses to “Announcing An Update To The Business Of Real Estate Photography eBook”

  • Thank you so much. I just emailed you for info about putting together a business plan and you suggested I wait till after the weekend.
    Clicking “purchase”now!


  • Larry, I can’t wait to see the new information. The information availabl in your books and on this website are one of the best values in photography available anywhere!

  • Purchased! THANK YOU so much for discounting this book. Can’t wait to apply your insight to my elevated photography business!

  • Even if you have been in the business awhile, I think this reference is well worth the investment. Purchased yesterday and have completed the first read. Tons of useful links and resources. Thanks Larry!

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