More Out of The Box Property Video: Choosing a Deadend or Desiderata?

March 10th, 2011

As we’ve seen in the past, Brett and his crew at PlatinumHD are masters a moving well beyond the cookie-cutter approach to marketing property to find a way to sink an emotional hook and draw the viewer in. They go far beyond the “Hi I’m (insert name) from (insert Agency) and we’re at (insert address)” approach.

This new video, Choosing a Deadend or Desiderata is no exception. They use Desiderata, a prose poem by Max Ehrmann (1872-1945) as the narration track. For me this creates an interesting counter point between the left-brain message from the narration and the right-brain feel of the elegant images. So the first time I watched this, it was so unusual that my head was totally engaged trying to figure out what exactly was going on.

This video is just 2:11 minutes. Why so short? Other than that’s how long the poem is, in the text below the video there is a piece of PlatinumHD philosophy that points out that, “Today’s audience is very, VERY media savvy. With an attention span of about 4 seconds – the time it takes for the brain to decide what it’s being sold is rubbish, and the next few to find the ‘mouse’ or the remote and click out.” The editing style also reflects this fast paced feel where the clips are short and fast moving.  This  fast clip to clip time in PlatinumHD videos is almost a trademark. I think it works well to hold viewer attention and keeps viewers from becoming bored.

I love the quick agent gesture at the end of this video. It’s like the listing agent, is saying “Hey, what the hell, I don’t understand what this is about either”. This quick little gesture is a kind of  a comic counter point that breaks the spell of the more intellectual feel of the poem in the rest of the video.

Nice work guys!

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17 Responses to “More Out of The Box Property Video: Choosing a Deadend or Desiderata?”

  • I watched this for the first time yesterday and I have to say it is one of my favourites from Platinum. Sophisticated and creative, it is intelligent story telling and visual art at its best, congratulations guys.

  • Nice. I like that one. Although the narration is a bit fast for me. Great property. Good use of narration.

  • This is definitely a different way to capture people’s attention. I think it is a good idea. Nice post.

  • Great concept using the narration. One thing to look at, the narration seemed out of sync with the tempo of the music. Slowing down the narration would bring more in-line with the music, plus would allow time for interpretive inflection withing the voice allowing the prose to be processed and sink in. Overall great, but may want to practice that and really rewarding when it comes together.

  • Hi everyone, not sure what kind of information people are comfortable sharing but I’m curious about a couple of things.

    This is a very well produced video but how effective is it at selling the house and selling the concept of using video to realtors?

    I realize these are vague questions, and maybe this isn’t the place to discuss it but Platinum’s videos are so different from what is being used in my area, which is a very affluent area. I’m not interested in producing videos for the sake of art, more for the sake of sales and personally I can clearly see how this video would capture someone’s attention and their imagination, hopefully art and sales are not mutually exclusive.

    But if you were starting a company today to market real estate and video was an integral part of that business, it might even be the thing that most of your value proposition is based, would you aspire to produce this type of video or would you choose the more traditional.

    I’d also imagine that Platinum’s productions are quite expensive and you’d have to have quite a track record to justify charging enough. I’m interested in hearing opinions from people who have done quite a bit of this, what would you do? What would you recommend to someone who is just starting down this path? Please keep in mind that staying in school is not an option…

  • Am I the only one for whom the links aren’t working? When I click on the image to the right of Larry’s text, or the first link in the article (first sentence, second paragraph: “This new video, Choosing a Deadend or Desiderata is no exception”) — I get taken to the Platinum HD Blog, which lists a few recent videos but not this one. What am I doing wrong?

  • @Scott- I just checked the links and they are OK. One slight issue is they changed the name of the video from “Choosing a Deadend or Desiderata” to “Desiderada – Experimental film making for real estate” but the URL is still the same.

  • My artistic side really loves this but I’m sort of with Chuck and I wonder how effective these types of videos are at selling the property and/or the listing agents.

  • Oh and the links work fine for me.

    @Scott – I’ll teach you how to click on links this weekend.

  • I had that link earlier when I first viewed as I posted my earlier comment. Looking at it now, it comes right up. However, thinking back, I was receiving the blog narrative but the video was not embedded at the beginning of the narrative like it is now.

    After fumbling around earlier, trying different menues, when I hit “Search Video” it is the very first one.

  • I think these videos are very effective if you have that type of clients, which Brett clearly has. From what I understand Brett has been doing RE videos since 2004?, well before anyone else was even willing to take the chance on adding them to their services. In that amount of time he must have build a very strong client base with some of them asking for these types of videos.

    Brett more or less pioneered RE video and it seems fitting he is also the one to take it a step further with videos like this.

  • Sorry about the link guys. I had to remove all references to the Agent and the Agency as they did not believe the concept was in keeping with their philosophy. I shot two options for the Client. They will be releasing the standard tour. Over seven hours on location. Desiderata was a self-financed project I filmed at the same time. When I was asked to yank the film, I did so immediately. Which is why it was invisible for an hour while we re-cut. I won’t comment on the reasons as I come from a school that says the Client is always right. That’s not going to deter us from pushing the envelope. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for watching. Thanks again Larry for posting. Change it up!

  • I don’t have the experience to read anything into them having you pull or change the video, their loss. I think what you do is great, my question has more to do with being new to the industry should I even attempt to aspire to something like this here in the US. I’m Australian and love the humor 😉

    As a “rookie” I really like the idea of changing things up, I’m not sure if that’s really a possibility for me, as Chris stated Brett has been doing this since 2004. Since this is more of a blog than a forum, I’m also not sure how to approach everyone but I’m really interested in discussing how to create the right value proposition, how do you market “changing it up” to realtors?

    Are there other forums I should check out? I’ve done one property video for a $35M property that was on the market for more than a year with no activity, within two months of releasing the video there were two offers on the property. Obviously I can’t take credit for this, not even sure if it sold yet, but two people came across the Atlantic to make the offers, I was just trying to get people off the couch.

    I’m not saying I’m good at this, I’m just saying I’m hooked. I realize that one of anything is just a science project so now the real work begins to try and turn this into a business which is the reason for my questions and it seems to me that I have stumbled across some of the more influential people in this business.

    Any suggestions, pointers, recommendations of where else to research are greatly appreciated.

  • @ Chuck, you could take a look at this group on flickr..
    you might also find some info here…

  • I shot that film for free. I paid for the model. This is a piece that needed to be done.

  • As I mentioned I really like your work Brett. If you don’t mind sharing, how long did it take you to shoot it?

  • About six hours Chuck. Two man Crew for 90% of the job (me and Zoran) and then I had Michael Suzor (2IC on the Coast) come in and blast all the twilight stuff; which we never used in this piece. Here’s the link to the straight video, for a comparison:

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