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March 9th, 2011

One of the @PFREblog followers on Twitter (Tom @QR_4_REALESTATE) has as site that sells QR code stickers to put on existing signs as well as rider signs and all sorts of QR code products.

A couple of months ago I did a post on the fact that you should be thinking about using QR codes in your marketing because of their expanding use with mobile devices. Tom’s stickers are a great way to add QR codes to your existing signs, create rider signs or stand alone signs with QR codes. You can even get a QR code tattoos, how cool is that?

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5 Responses to “ – A Resource For QR Code Stickers and Signs”

  • Whoa! QR tattoos!! You could incorporate your home address, blood type, medical allergies …so when you’re found unconscious for any reason someone just scans you with a cell phone 8-D

  • @Jon- There you go, I knew there was a reason to get a QR code tattoo!

  • Apps like those offered by (and others) for the iPhone (smart phones in general) may diminish the agents rush to jump on the QR bandwagon. GPS tells the phone where the client is located and brings up that listing in addition to near by open houses… There is no doubt that the QR offers the advantage of controlling where the client goes on the web, like how about straight to a branded PRFE tour. Then there is obviously other places to place code besides signage in front of a property.

    Why am I not starting to see these in display ads in the local papers?

  • @Fred- Don’t get me started on newspapers! You can’t look to the newspaper industry to do anything innovative. They are an example of one of the biggest business disasters in our time! One single web site ( destroyed the newspaper business model and they’ve never been able to recover. Newspaper people seem to be incapable of figuring out the online world. I expect in a few years there will only be a handful of newspapers left.

    I’ve seen QR codes in tech magazines. Starbucks is using QR codes to allow you to pay for drinks… You buy and Starbucks card, which gets you a QR code that you put on your smart phone screen and then any Starbucks card can scan the QR code and deduct the amount of your drink from your card. I expect other businesses to start doing this soon.

  • I’ve seen a lot of these at trade shows where reps would scan them to provide us information or add to our order. I just thought they were a new kind of barcode but that you had to be connected to a database to retrieve the information.

    Googling QR Codes is quite confusing, there’s a ton of places selling the ability to create them but not as much useful information about why I should care about this. I have gleaned that the QR Codes are generated with all the information built in so you don’t have to access a database and that smart phones can read this code, I’m not sure how.

    I can see the intrinsic value of being able to guide the user to your website etc., but have no idea how to really use these. Is anyone using these for marketing properties and if so how?

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