iPlayerHD: The Real Estate Photographers Video Hosting Of Choice

March 8th, 2011

In case not everyone noticed it, I wanted to point out that the question that I posed in my post a week ago “Where should independent real estate photographers host their video” was clearly answered in the post comments.

The overwhelming response was iPlayerHD. To recap, the problem an independent real estate photographer shooting video has is this:

  1. You use YouTube because it has some SEO advantages but you’d like to have a place to post really clean, elegant video that doesn’t have ads and it doesn’t give your viewers all those distracting other links to click.
  2. A handfull of people could take the do-it-yourself route but because you must have your video accessible everywhere (all browsers and all mobile devices) doing it yourself isn’t easy and it’s a distraction from your main business of shooting.
  3. There are a bazillion free hosting sites out there but all their TOS statements say no commercial use and the number that go out of business each year is huge. Bandwidth and keeping up with all the changes going on in the video world these days is expensive. Dealing with free hosting services other than YouTube is just a nuisance. You can’t figure out who’s going to be in business next week! YouTube is in a class by itself because Google has so much cash. They pay millions of dollars a week in bandwidth costs but it’s just pocket change to Larry and Sergey.
  4. It’s essential that your videos are visible on the iPhone and the iPad. Many real estate agents these days use IOS devices so you cannot ignore them.

iPlayerHD looks to me like it solves all these issues so it’s not surprising that so many top real estate photographers like Fred Light. Malia Campbell and Scott Basile already use iPlayerHD. As and example of what iPlayerHD looks like here are a few examples:

  1. Malia Campbell’s video page.
  2. Malia Campbell’s playlist that she uses on her iPhone to show clients
  3. Scott Basile’s video page.

I think the video on these examples speak for itself. The basic hosting for iPlayerHD starts a $30/per month. If you have 862 videos and use 400+ GB/per month bandwidth/month like Fred Light does you’ll pay more, but most real estate photographers doing video these days can get by with the 40GB of bandwidth and 30GB of storage that you get for $30/month. If you do real estate video you should look at iPlayerHD.

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11 Responses to “iPlayerHD: The Real Estate Photographers Video Hosting Of Choice”

  • Interesting. Thanks Larry for your research. I wonder if agents will use iPlayerHD? SEO is really important so will have a look

  • @Charles
    It doesnt matter where you host video, if you client wants the seo they can upload that video to their own youtube page.

    A few negatives about youtube:

    – Many MLS do not allow branding….making youtube out of the question as their logo appears all the time and links back to their site.
    – youtube videos automatically appear at either 360p or 480p (depending on the size of your embed dimensions) and are very poor quality at that, and it would be up to the viewer to choose to 720p or higher…..something that 90% of people just wont know to do.

  • Using iPLayerHD is a great way to host your videos. If you are in need of the extra SEO nothing is stopping you from hosting your lower quality videos, or even the same videos from iPLayerHD again on other sites like YouTube, if not for anything more but the SEO. You still maintain the iPLayerHD video to show clients.

  • Is SEO really that important for real estate videos? I don’t know that people are really searching Google blindly for property videos….more likely they’ve already found the house through traditional means, and are just following a link to see the video. Or am I missing something here…

  • My name is Wes Moore, Founder and CEO of iPlayerHD. Thanks to Google Alerts which notified me of this post this morning and a very special thanks to all of iPlayerHD’s subscribers for all of their kind words that led to it.

    iPlayerHD is a proven solution for any business or organization looking for a robust video hosting solution with live support that is truly affordable . Our 30 day trial provides ample opportunity to kick the tries and race it around the track. It’s impossible to be the exact solution for everyone but we know that more often that not, those who try it, buy it.

    Here’s a tip about YouTube: Savvy marketers – that’s anyone reading this blog – should put as much video on YouTube as possible to help build brand awareness and drive traffic to their websites. However, once that traffic enters your website, your primary goal is to keep them there. After all, we work hard to get folks to visit our sites and in this noisy world, that’s tough. To keep them there means an unbranded video player that does not, with a simple click to the video, take your potential customer away from your site to a different branded page, YouTube, populated with your video and any other video with your tags – quite possibly your competition.

    There are many quality video hosting solutions on the market. I hope you give iPlayerHD a look. Thank you.

  • @ Scott
    Not necessarily SEO (but it doesn’t hurt) optimization, what Realtors would find more important are reports of hits. True, you can direct Google analytics to that page, but a more polished report with the same info is important. For a listing agent, it is used to report back to the owner of what the Realtor is doing for them. Likewise, any agent as they go on a listing appointment, trying to land the listing, not only does using true video help them stand out from others competing for the listing, but the report on other properties helps quanitfy and the knowledge that the will get similar reports concerning their property if they list with that Realtor.

  • Ah, of course that makes sense — the reporting would be really key.

  • Regarding Realtors wanting to see reports of “hits”….

    In the 5+ years I’ve been doing real estate video…. with literally hundreds and hundreds of clients… thousands of videos, do you know how many Realtors have asked about “hits” or any stats regarding viewership of their videos?

    Zero. Nada. Not so much as ONE. That subject has never come up even once.

    Personally, I find that very strange, as I follow that information quite a bit and find it helpful and important. But it’s never been a topic of conversation. Ever.

    The only explanation I can think of is this:

    With video, feedback is swift and always positive. Buyers will come in and say they came because of the video. Sellers will call an agent to list with them because they saw a video. People will comment about how “they feel like they’ve already met” because they saw an agent in the video. With many other forms of advertising, feedback is elusive, at best. Maybe because agents just “feel” it is working for them is the reason that they’re not so concerned with numbers. After all, qualified hits are all that matter, and SELLING the property or getting a new listing is really all that matters for agents!

  • Has anyone tried SlideShowPro Director for video publishing? It seems like it would be a good option if you already have hosting for your website. I just have never used it for video. The new mobile support looks good, but I am not sure how it works with video. Thanks in advance for any input on what to expect compared to a solution like iPlayerHD. $30/month seems a little expensive.

  • @kevin……I have used SlideShowPro Director for video a lot. It works pretty good. The only problem is there is no way to change video to a lower bit rate for users who use it for ipad and iphones on 3G. To make a video that will play on all devices, you have to upload a lower quality video with lower bit rate. Which may be OK for the iphone but not the user on a pc. The ipads and iphones will be ok if they are on wifi. I have customers who use the ipad on 3g at listing appointments. So, the video I have encode for desktops on SlideShowPro with just stop on the 3g devices.

    Services like Iplayerhd and Welcomematt make several files with different bit rates from the file you up upload. They then detect the device and serve the file with the proper bit rate for that device. This makes the customer on a ipad with 3g at a listing appointment happy. She gets the listing and you get a job.

  • YouTube is alternating embed codes, between old and new so that means 50% of the new video we upload is coming out with related videos – that directly send clients to competitors once they see our videos – in our website! I searched online and finally found out about iPlayerHD, and love it. The info on this article seems outdated, because their prices now are lower than what`s posted here, go online and see the new plans, I highly recommend them for all the reasons explained in this article.

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